Saratoga ’22: Again, It’s More Than Just Killing

In addition to the 12 horses (see bottom list) who were killed this summer at Saratoga, there were the following:

Jul 14: “Street Copper fell while being walked back to barn.” (has raced since)
Jul 16: “Fort Ticonderoga was vanned off after wire.” (has trained since)
Jul 20: “French Light was vanned off in distress.” (has not been seen since)
Jul 20: “Iranistan bled.” (has not been seen since)
Jul 20: “Pistol Whipped bled, vanned off.” (has not been seen since)
Jul 23: “Tough Street was vanned off while reported to have bled.” (has raced since)
Jul 24: “Neon Summer was vanned off.” (has raced since)
Jul 27: “Amadevil was vanned off while reported to have bled.” (has trained since)
Jul 28: “Ring of Fire was pulled up after finish, vanned off.” (has not been seen since)
Jul 30: “Bad Guy was vanned off.” (has trained since)
Aug 3: “Burn The Evidence was vanned off.” (has not been seen since)
Aug 5: “Tiz the Bomb injured knee.” (has not been seen since)
Aug 6: “Tunnel Vision fell at the wire training.” (has not been seen since)
Aug 6: “Veselsky collided with another horse [who died].” (has not been seen since)
Aug 7: “Promise of Hope was vanned off.” (has trained since)
Aug 10: “Grey Giant was vanned off.” (has not been seen since)
Aug 10: “On Our Way Boyz fell after contact with another horse.” (has trained since)
Aug 14: “Pioneer Mission leg injury, transported to hospital.” (has not been seen since)
Aug 21: “My Girl Lexi was vanned off after the finish.” (has not been seen since)
Sep 2: “Nyshares was vanned off.” (not enough time has passed)

And the Dead:

Range War, training
Supernova, stall
Vindatude, training
Credit Event, training
Plurality, training
Practice Squad, training
Awesome Gerry, racing
Salt Cay, racing
Answer In, stall
Rush to Honor, racing
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, training
Union of Thoughts, training

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  1. You can always count on repeat offenders in horse racing because they protect them.
    They are permitted, condoned and facilitated to continue permanently damaging or killing racehorses as long as they are filling races and their wagering coffers.
    I’m addressing “has not been seen since” racehorses on the above list.
    FRENCH LIGHT yet another victim of racehorse femme fatale KERI BRION.
    IRANISTAN yet another victim of racehorse crippler and killer KERI BRION.
    RING OF FIRE yet another victim of serial racehorse abuser and killer RUDY RODRIQUEZ.
    TIZ THE BOMB yet another victim of serial racehorse killer KEN MCPEEK and his wife owns this horse SHERI MCPEEK who ran and earned over $1 million dollars!
    TIZ THE BOMB was or is a multiple grades stakes winner who ran 2nd in the Breeders Cup.
    Not even over $1, 056,401 was enough for these morally deprived people to do what was right for this racehorse because they probably knew damn well that he had issues.
    Incidentally, Ken and Sheri McPeek was known within the stable areas for NOT PAYING their help. In fact, they keep foreign Mexican workers up in their haylofts, work them 70+ hours per week and then they don’t pay them. I directly knew some of those workers and Exercise Riders back around 2000. I don’t know if this has changed, but I highly doubt it.
    NYSHARES yet another victim of claiming parasite and serial racehorse killer LINDA RICE.
    Whether they lived or died they are all victims and you can bet your sweet ass that most of them are either standing at kill auctions, already butchered on the slaughterhouse floor, or dumped for somebody else to take care of.
    This is the wonderful world of horse racing and how do you like those fancy hats?

  2. This happens at every active track every day around the US. This is why rescues are overflowing with broken and rehabbing thoroughbreds. This is why thoroughbreds are literally given away to the first taker that comes along – they need to dump them to fill the stall, and they don’t want to spend any extra money on “fixing” the broken ones. They dump them direct to slaughter – out of sight- out of mind. The “flippers” only want the “sound” ones, with MAYBE only the most minor issues, so there’s just no room for all the other seriously broken and mangled “pasture companions” left over. This was one of the many things that continually broke my heart while I was involved in racing.

    • Instead of 12 dead horses for the Saratoga meet it is probably 20 +. We will never know.
      People like the McPeeks, Asmussen, Chad Brown and others prey on the voiceless horses and illegal workers because they know there are no consequences.
      It is amazing this business has the status of “legality” when in truth laws are broken daily. Even human decency is missing. Any other business would not survive.

  3. So how long does this continue? With all the statistics, what is being done to put a stop to this?

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  4. Call wil is 11 yrs old stillbeing raced at penn and parx entered this week and scratched cant he be retiredhe made enough money dont race til he breKz down

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