Equine Vet on Racing Pubescent Horses: “The Triple Crown is not Little League.”

Follows are three more clips from equine veterinarian Dr. Kraig Kulikowski’s testimony before the NYS Senate in 2019.

Immaturity: “The Triple Crown is not Little League.”

Slaughter: “I cannot think of a more selfish decision…to make about a horse.”

Repudiation: “[I learned that] I could not be a racetrack veterinarian.”


  1. A man with a conscience. A great pity more don’t come out and say these things. To see the Chair suggesting that young kids DO go in for sports at a very early age shows the other side, the side that can see all those $$$$$’s slipping out of their hands.
    Trouble is and always had been, we can talk and cry about all the cruelty, but if the general public go along to the track, or watch on TV or simply place a bet, the industry is safe.
    It’s just the same with Trophy hunters, those truly sick and evil people who get their kicks from killing rare and endangered animals the other side of the world.

  2. i would like to see all horse racing shut down, but clearly despite that we need to shut down young horses of 2 and 3 years old from running professoinallsy.that needs to be passed right now.they are dying like flies on teh racetracks of his countryl the acivity so that people can gamble is just atrocious. putting horss through this to die on teh track is painful to watch. it is [painful to watch. it needs to be stopped. it is horse abuse.

    • I agree with you, Jean!
      Starting horses out as Yearlings under saddle and pushing them too hard and too soon and racing them as Two-year-olds in an attempt to qualify for the Grade One 3-year-old races (the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, the Belmont Stakes) is like the only way that these people can operate. That’s how demented they are, so that’s why it all has to be shut down! Putting riders on Yearlings just because they can has been a long established tradition in horseracing. This gambling racket is rife with unscrupulous people. It needs to be banned completely!

  3. Dr. Kulikowski is morally intact and very smart. He is a credit to his profession.
    But who is that woman waving her 3inch silver nails about! She certainly was no match for Kulikowski! I wonder if she knew how outclassed she was. She just reinforced how ridiculous it is to attempt to defend the debacle that racing is.

  4. As if anyone needed even more confirmation …THIS expert testimony confirms the FACT that everything the assholes in this industry do to these innocent baby horses is pure calculated EVIL. May the humans in this industry ROT.

  5. A huge shoutout to Dr. Kulikowski for stating the truth to a bunch of politicians/people who don’t know what the hell they are talking about.
    The lady in the first clip is a bimbo and I don’t know her name, but she must be on the horse racing payroll in some capacity or she’s a public relations hire.
    What she challenged him on was absolutely ridiculous and showed that she is completely ignorant when it comes to racehorses and racing.
    Unfortunately, she’s a reflection of so many politicians and horse racing loves them.
    “The Triple Crown is not little league.”
    How right you are and the massive suffering and dying tells us so because, unlike humans in any league, racehorses are non-consenting, voiceless and defenseless victims.
    They can’t respond to ignorant people like this.
    It’s really pathetic when you think about it because it’s politicians like her that are authorizing hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies to horse racing.

  6. These are excellent clips. Dr. Kulikowski is an honorable man. I am wondering if anything came out of this? Despite expert testimony like this, it seems that things have not changed at all.

    • Bonnie, I agree with you that this evil abuse and killing of innocent horses is totally and completely calculated.
      Teresa, your question about what, if anything, has changed since the expert testimony from Dr. Kulikowski makes me wonder what is different other than the development of the industry protecting organization Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority, and I have to give a shout-out once again to a small group of NYS Legislators. Linda Rosenthal is one but there are other legislators who have introduced bills in the NYS Senate and Assembly. As far as I can see, these bills were introduced in 2021 while the videos above are from 2019.

  7. In my limited experience with equine vets, MOST — if not nearly all — share Dr. Kulikowski’s sentiments about racing. It is honorable of him to share his empirical conclusions in public forums such as these, whereas others in the field are reluctant to do so. Let’s face it: very few in the veterinary community want to alienate potential clients by bad-mouthing the innate cruelty of the clients’ game.
    I truly wish racing folks could hear what most other vets REALLY think about their Use-and-Abuse-and-Toss-Away-as-Broken-Down-Babies system.

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