Jockey Arrested for “Unnatural Stimulation of Horses”

Jockey Gerard Melancon was arrested Friday for allegedly possessing an electric shocker (aka a “buzzer” or “battery”) at Evangeline Downs. He was subsequently released on bail and now faces dual investigations – police and racing officials. For his part, Melancon, according to Paulick, claims “100% innocence.” But of course. The official charge, by the way, was “unnatural stimulation of horses.” Enough said.


  1. It’s a relief that he actually got ARRESTED by law enforcement. If he does time behind bars for using the electrical buzzer on racehorses, it would certainly be a move in the right direction. I think he might get off easy and be let loose to go shock horses at both regulated and unregulated race tracks. We’ll see.

  2. Kind of like a bullet can be considered “unnatural stimulation” for a human. By the way, why aren’t the apologists defending this sadist’s use of a shock device? This type of blatant abuse is usually right up their alley.

    • Depends on whether or not they have Mr. Melancon’s victims…er, I mean mounts, in their all-important wager. If so, they’ll say he should have at it, and buzz away on the poor beasts. If not, they’ll say he should stick to the more traditional, tried-and-true equine motivational methods: beating the hell out of ’em with sticks.
      (Because, when you get right down to it, there are no more conscientious, kind, and humane folks than horseplayers;)

    • Based on our legal system, a person charged with a crime is “innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law. Of course, he has plead innocent. So, mum’s the word.
      He could still get a 20-year suspension from the racing commission. But someone had enough evidence to turn him in to law enforcement which is great!!!!! Law enforcement officers don’t generally take anything too seriously if they can’t see hard evidence of a violation of law. (There isn’t a whole lot they can do without seeing it for themselves, as in the case of dogs running “at large” for example.) So, therefore, it appears that there is a strong possibility of this jockey being found guilty in a court of law and I have high hopes at this point that he will be proven guilty as charged.

    • When I bring up such things the ‘race trackers’ will say that this person represents a small percentage and most owners / trainers love their horses…it is if their heads are cut off. It is the evil of greed and ego.

  3. Horses are two a penny. That’s because jockeys do exactly as they want and know if they get caught it’s not harsh punishment it’sworth it to them.

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