Animal Abusers Abuse; It’s Just What They Do

At the risk of being redundant, Keri Brion again. Brion, racehorse trainer, has built up quite the resume on our site. Some highlights:

After her horse Baltimore Bucko was killed at Belmont last September, Brion had this to say: “[I]t was unfortunately just…one of those things. It was tough, but he did go out doing what he loved to do.”

In July, in the same race at Saratoga, Brion had one horse “vanned off in distress” and another finish “bleeding.” She called the latter “unfortunate” (that word again).

Earlier this month, Brion saw humor in suffering.

On Aug 15, her horse Peat Moss fell going over a jump at Colonial. Having survived that, Brion brought Peat back just one week later: second-to-last, 18 lengths behind.

And now to this week. At Colonial Monday, Grey Illusions was ambulanced away after the 10th. No word yet on the 4-year-old’s fate. But it’s bad regardless – he’s either dead or he will continue to suffer under the yoke of a truly despicable person.


  1. I feel certain that Keri Brion won’t stop abusing horses until she dies. She obviously does enjoy playing the power trip over the horses and literally abusing horses and seeing them suffer. I think she’ll say that the horses enjoy it, too, as her “justification” to continue her EVIL, INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES and without remorse. How many dead horses would it take for her to stop? I don’t think there is any number of dead horses that would make her stop ABUSING HORSES as long as she had one horse still alive that could still run.

    • All I can say about this person is she is ignorant or stupid ( perhaps both !) She is definitely desensitized to mistreatment of horses. Why would she post what she evidently thought was an amusing video of Mean Queen otherwise ?
      I can’t say whether she enjoys causing the horse distress or just believes there is nothing abnormal or wrong in what these “objects” are subjected to in racing.
      There certainly is no accountability or consequences to for what is done to them.

      • She had one horse, BALTIMORE BUCKO, get fatally injured, but as I recall, she had one horse win that same day. So, basically, she shrugs the death of one horse off and continues her life of being in the spotlight of this industry. It has to be an ego trip for someone who is entrenched in this type of “work” and she’s got people more or less patting her on the back regardless of the horses suffering.

  2. I think this actually becomes an addiction to these people: the feeling of power and control over a large sentient being, the money that they will do anything for, and the false prestige they get among their peers. I don’t know if they are born without a moral compass or if that comes later, after they become entrenched in the exploitation, abuse, and killing, but either way, they are monsters, plain and simple.

  3. The ABSURDITY of stating this Horse CHOOSES this lifestyle is sickening, insulting, disrespectful and hurtful — let’s STOP the horror & cruelty to our Horses — SHUT DOWN evil HORSERACING — FOREVER

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