Yet Another Heatstroke in Kentucky

From the Kentucky Racing Commission, Ellis Park, Aug 19: “Indigo Miss suffered a postrace heatstroke and required the assistance of the horse ambulance. The filly, who had been chosen as the postrace special, had a blood sample drawn and was excused from the test barn.” How magnanimous, huh? No word yet on her status.

Also at Ellis: On Aug 14, Spare Cash was scratched after being “injured in the paddock.” In the same race Aug 21, “claims” on both Maysville Miss and No Comment were voided when the horses were placed on the Vet’s List. Next race, Airbiz, two and under the whip for the very first time, “pulled up lame and was vanned off.” And finally, two races later, Master Game “was injured in the starting gate.”

This, every day, is horseracing.


  1. why dont they shut down all horse racing tracks if it is 90 degrees and above. many people wont work. why do we force jhorses to die in this heat

  2. The tradition of exploiting horses inhumanely is the bread and butter for a lot of these people. Rich or poor, these people are not going to stop the horse-killing shit-show long enough to be concerned about the welfare or well-being of the horses. It’s all about the tradition, the money, the ego trip, the cheap thrills and all that kind of crap. If they run a horse into the ground, the mentality is to go on to their next victim. The crimes against horses committed by these human beings with their degree of moral depravity in this industry is like a cancer, a glioblastoma. This criminal activity needs to be punished by law! The government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing must be stopped!!!!!

  3. As long as we we continue to objectify the horse not much will change.
    When the horse is seen as an object he is just a means to an end. He can be abused and destroyed with impunity. His welfare is of no concern.
    How often do we see any legal or social intervention on behalf of the horse ?

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