8-Year-Old Stone Heart Dead at Finger Lakes

Stone Heart was euthanized at Finger Lakes yesterday for, the Gaming Commission says, “unresolved osteomyelitis” – which is painful inflammation often caused by prior trauma. Stone was eight years old and had been put to the whip 60 times, most recently May 18. He is the 63rd dead racehorse in NYS this year.


  1. Causing harm, bad things and death to horses for human greed, entertainment, worship of money, ego trips and cheap thrills besides draining the taxpayers of at least $230-Million in New York State per year cannot be reformed. This abusive industry must be terminated from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits. This ABUSE of horses must be punishable by law. The horses must be protected from this egregious-cruelty-to-horses-for-corporate-welfare. The horses must be protected from these morally depraved people!!!!! These people are selfish and callous. Many (or all) of these horribly selfish people are not going to stop ABUSING HORSES and all of a sudden become decent about this whole rotten, egotistical horse-killing shit-show without a fight. The die-hard horse killers, who have been knowing that what they have done all of their lives was something that they could get away with, won’t stop ABUSING HORSES until they die. There are some die-hard horse abusers/killers that are old enough to pass away from infirmities of old age. Some of them have adult children who don’t want to continue with the family business of bringing more disposable gambling chips/horses into the world.

  2. Finger Lakes has been a bottom-of-the-barrel, cesspool for years and years. Nobody attends the races. The stands are empty. Most of the so-called trainers and owners are people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Horses are abandoned there every year, as the owners can’t afford to keep them. It’s the slaughter industry’s dream. If not for the casino, it would have rightfully closed down years ago. I don’t understand why they just don’t run the casino? Why do these down and out places have to have horse racing?

    • Unfortunately the casino is most likely is mandated by law to hold horse races Teresa. Special interest group of horse people lobbying the legislature to mandate subsidized races with casino $$.

  3. I love horses. If I am ever able to own horses-having the proper housing for them, I would never allow them to partake in the cruel sport of horseracing. I would treat them as family members. I agree with Wanda Diamond that that the owners of the horses used for horseracing are selfish and abusive. They are greedy, selfish, and lack good moral character. The racing of horses must end!

    • It’s interesting to read the different ways they say it: Bone infection also called Osteomyelitis; inflammation of the bone or bone marrow, usually due to an infection.

  4. greedy greedy greedy
    How many more horses have to go through this unnatural torture? They don’t like you greedy jerks.

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