We Fight On…

Saturday, HW staged another successful protest at Saratoga Race Course. Nicole, I, and nearly 50 dedicated activists were there, educating and exposing. We also, as has become customary, garnered media (protesting works). And, once again, we had a mobile billboard traversing the track’s perimeter for eight hours. This time, we used video (in addition to static). It was powerful and riveting; they couldn’t help but look.

Also, on the same day, HW was well-represented at the NYC animal-rights march. Thank you, to all.

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  1. God bless you all for fighting for these INNOCENT gorgeous animals. This corny outdated animal abuse is so a bygone era. It’s the ANIMALS who matter!!!

  2. I saw the mobile billboard online and the videos. Very shocking but to the point. I think alot of people who are in the dark about this abuse are fully aware now.

    • Thank you, Jennifer. Saturday’s mobile billboard was our 11th billboard, so far, this year. We have had static billboards in Tampa, Florida and mobile billboards at each Triple Crown race and big, celebrated race days like The Haskell in New Jersey and Travers Day in Saratoga, New York.

  3. Thank you so much for being there for the horses! The video on the truck is so powerful. Awesome tool to use in this ever-increasing fight for the horses.

  4. That’s awesome that the technology exists to make it possible to show video on the side and the back of the the box truck and that you were able to use it to educate the public of the actual horror of racing horses for gambling and human entertainment.
    Horse racing is horse killing!!!!!
    There will always be a certain number of horses killed by racing! It won’t necessarily be a fixed number, but the fact that horses will always be killed by racing is a fixed fact!!!!! Racing horses is inherently abusive to horses. It’s only a matter of time when the majority of horses bred for racing and wagering are killed by this ABUSE from their owners, trainers and other people who are involved in any way with this egregious-cruelty-to-horses for corporate welfare. It is something that cannot be reformed. The devil and Horseracing cannot be reformed!!!!!

    • And …. all the families and lives that scumbag compulsive gamblers have DESTROYED! I don’t give a rat’s ass if they bet on humans ….just leave the animals alone.

  5. I think HW is one fine organization and you are all doing a great service to the race horses by exposing the cruelty of the horse racing industry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • For sure. Patrick,Nicole,Joy,Jo Anne, ALL of you have this super worthy cause operating like a well oiled machine.🙏🙏🙏

  6. Sometimes you have to shock people out of their ignorance and apathy. Don’t let the horrors of the track be mostly “out of sight, out of mind”.

  7. A mighty protest indeed and the mobile billboard has an incredibly powerful influence. I’ll never forget the light coloured horse breaking down at the time – took forever for someone to go to him and even then they stuffed around. It was all about the jockey who was fine and quickly walked away ignoring the plight of this fatally injured horse.

  8. Wow a great call to use footage on your traveling billboard. Surely that had to speak to a few people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do every single day!!

  9. Great work, Patrick!
    A huge thank thank you to all those who joined in the protest.
    The truth is being unveiled.
    The mobile billboard/video is very effective!!

    • Thank God, we have intelligent, compassionate, right minded people on our side (the side of the horses), which is the ONLY side. I don’t see the humans who work in the crapola sleazy industry dying. It’s the horses being tortured to death. But yet ….today you had that old has been rag writer Voss, saying in the Paulick report …how awful we should all feel for the stall workers. Nobody is holding them against their will as a prisoner. And, I sure as hell don’t hear about them dying as frequently as the horses. Face it Voss, horse racing can never be reformed or fixed. It is simply EVIL on its face.

      • What is being done to the stall workers that a racing press writer is saying they deserve sympathy? Are the owners and trainers of the horses cheating their hired help out of fair wages and safe working conditions??? No medical benefits/coverage? Substandard living conditions? Food desert? No days off? What?

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