Hall of Fame Trainer “Feels Sorry” for the Locked-Up Horses

Friday, Del Mar “honored” Hall of Fame trainer Ron McAnally with an award. While the award itself is irrelevant, something the 90-year-old McAnally said is anything but:

“I feel sorry for horses sometimes because they’re in their stalls for 23 hours a day.”

Apparently, with (enough) age comes a certain I-don’t-care frankness. Isn’t it great?


  1. He only feels sorry for the horses (being confined to stalls for 23 hours a day) sometimes, not all of the time. Was he too busy instructing the jockey/s to beat the crap out of the horse/s during the race/s to feel sorry for the horses all the time????
    Was he too busy instructing the vet to inject the horses with something-something so the horses could run without letting the pain in their muscles, joints, cartilage, tendons, bones stop them from walking and running???? Was he too busy to notice that the horses are suffering from ulcers???? Was he too busy laughing all the way to the bank to feel anything about what pain and agony he inflicted on said horses????

      • Dear kellycrimmins,
        I am so shaking in my boots that you are going to sue me. Oh dear, oh dear… What shall I do…???
        Meanwhile, back at the racetrack, trainers are ABUSING and killing horses for money and their sick, twisted egos and cheap thrills. Respect???? Are you serious? Go get a life, kellycrimmins.

        • Racetracks are for horses what prisons are for people. Racehorses are kept in cells and given about an hour in the yard each day. Just like human prisoners racehorse inmates have people that take care of them. Both types of inmates get fed, have their wounds taken care on and get medical attention. The caretakers of both types of inmates will have no problem leading them to the death chamber.

      • Respected by whom, Kelly? Not by the majority of clear thinking individuals who deplore the exploitation of innocent horses. At 90 years old, and facing his mortality, he’s probably wondering if it was a good thing to abuse horses for a living. Might he be fearing a higher judge? Hmmmmm.

      • Respected by who? His peers? Racing apologists? Forgive me if I don’t consider respect coming from people involved in an industry that exploits and kills sentient beings by the thousands as worth much.

      • Respected by other horse abusers. Not respected by people who think abusing animals for entertainment and profit is wrong.

  2. Gosh, sounds like I have something in common with Mr. McAnally; I, too, “sometimes” feel sorry for all the horses doomed to this dinosaur killing-show anti-sport:

    Sometimes, I feel sorry for them being drugged.
    Sometimes, I feel sorry for them being whipped.
    Sometimes, I feel sorry for them being slaughtered.
    Sometimes, I feel sorry for them being bred to break down.
    Sometimes, I feel sorry for them being commodified, exploited, crippled-up and then tossed away like garbage by a bunch of soulless gambling addicts and predatory animal abusers.
    And, yes, sometimes I feel sorry for them being locked in a tiny box for the majority of their short, miserable existence.

    (The rest of the time, I feel sorry for old guys who’ve spent their entire lives pursuing glory in an archaic blood sport that their descendants will look upon with ashamed disbelief, because their own family members participated in it, back when it was still a thing.)

  3. Never mentioned suing anyone but as per usual a comment was twisted dramatically out of context.

    • As per usual is right. You are defending a person who abuses horses for a living and he knows that the horses suffer.

    • Kelly what do you think of your industry that breeds(Forcibly) and creates all these unwanted innocent lives that 99.9% of people have zilch O desire to have the mega expense and burden and obligation of providing for an animal that is SUPPOSED to live at the very least into their twenties? But yet the breeders and owners do not take the responsibility of making sure these lives THEY created are given forever homes where they are cared for and NEVER sent to the slaughter house. OR, Puerto Rico, which is another type of living HELL. Kelly, if you actually, truly loved horses … you would NOT want any more being forcibly created.THINK about what I am saying Kelly.

      • I would explain but I can see that which of my comments get posted and which get deleted apparently go through a pick and choose process and I am well aware of which ones get deleted and why.

        • Go ahead, kellycrimmins. Are you afraid? Are you afraid of having your comment deleted? Wow! That is so much worse than being whipped and shocked. Wow! Having your comment deleted is so much worse than being killed like the way your highly respected trainer would do to any of the horses he routinely confines to stalls 23 hours a day and forces them to run around the racetrack to the point of physical injuries and eventually death in many cases. Go ahead and share your weird thoughts that support this horse-killing shit-show that sacrifices the lives of horses for the worship of the god of money.

          • Afraid? LOL! Yes I am “afraid” that to expend the time and energy to formulate a response that will never be seen because it is not befitting of the only narrative allowed on this platform is a waste of time when I have much more relevant things to do.

            • Much more relevant things to do, like support an industry that exploits, abuses, and kills sentient beings.
              And don’t whine about your comments – if any of us were to stop in at the Paulick Report none of our comments would get posted, because God forbid the truth about this archaic blood show leak past their narrative.

        • You are saying this because anyone with half a brain knows it’s about greed,greed, and more greed, and sloth. Animal abuse out in the open, so corny lazies don’t have to go look for a real job. And, frankly …I don’t give a rat’s ass about the illegals working as “backstretch” workers. I would send every last one of them back, if it meant saving the horses. Hey Michael Dubb, instead of giving your money to “backstretch” worker “programs” save the horses that you and your ilk irresponsibly forcibly created , from going to slaughter houses! We the people care about the horses.

        • Who do you think you’re kidding Kelly Crummins??????? You! Are Not fooling anyone. You are chickenshit afraid!

      • She might have to step out of her social circle and comfort zone to think about the horses as being anything other than objects to be exploited for racing, wagering, breeding, money, ego trips and cheap thrills.

  4. Does anyone remember when Go For Wand broke down, and McAnally said, “they give their lives for our entertainment”?

    • I don’t recall that specific comment by McAnally, Florence, but I’m not surprised by it – industry members and their apologists often let truths slip. The fact they know what the horses suffer (and for entertainment purposes, no less) YET continue to exploit them and/or enable the exploitation makes them even more monstrous in my opinion.

      The following acknowledgment by racing mouthpiece Jay Hovdey always comes to mind when I read something like McAnally’s (from Hovdey’s piece in the DRF, 12-23-2013);

      “Announcer Vic Stauffer…lapsed into a baffling recitation of great horses in Hollywood history midway through the race, even as the earnest dozen [racehorses] were out there putting their lives on the line.”

      Appalling, isn’t it? – they KNOW the horses’ lives are being risked but they SUPPORT it anyway?!?

  5. Seriously, kellycrimmins, you don’t want to expend the time and energy on formulating a response to Bonnie’s question…? Isn’t that interesting that you have a CHOICE in this matter of expending your energy, or not? It’s worse than unfortunate that your so-called highly respected trainer doesn’t give the horses the choice of going outside of their 23-hour-a-day confinement to graze on pasture and grow to maturity without being exploited to death, literal death. Your highly respected trainer of horses for racing, wagering, breeding, meat, money, ego trips and cheap thrills doesn’t give the horses a chance to live normal lives; he puts them in harm’s way on purpose every day. If you are not interested in genuine compassion for the horses as the sentient beings that they are, go ahead and keep your head in the sand. If you are profiting from the INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES, it would make sense that you would not want to explain or confess that you could not care less about the suffering of the horses knowing that they suffer because of this morally depraved gambling racket promoted, perpetrated and perpetuated by morally depraved people.

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