The Cruelty of Bits, Again

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Dr. Cook’s full statement here.

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  1. racehorses almost die in running a race. no wonder they give trouble in the starting line

  2. The forcing of horses to perform with their tongues hanging out the side of their mouths is revolting and goes against basic common sense and common decency.

  3. Wicked people torturing and killing horses with no accountability.
    Racing is a form of organized crime, a sub culture that continues to thrive for one reason only, money!
    It is a primitive endeavor that has evolved into nefarious business of unspeakable of animal cruelty.

  4. If a morally sound horse owner saw their horse coming in from the pasture with his head high, his mouth gaping open, and his tongue hanging out, they would assume – and correctly so – that the horse was in distress. Yet stick a piece of METAL in a horse’s mouth, and that same reaction is either accepted as normal or the horse has his mouth tied shut and is put in a tie-down.
    And no, rubber bits are no better. This is a foreign object in a horse’s mouth with only one purpose in design: to cause the horse pain, or at the very least, discomfort.
    And to all you idiot owners who hold a pen in your mouth and say it’s the same thing, you are holding thin plastic against your teeth, the horse has a piece of METAL against bare gums that is being pulled on, and I’ve seen riders yank, jerk, twist, and lean their entire upper body back against the bit trying to control their horse. If bits didn’t cause pain, which most riders use as a method of control because they’re too ass lazy to cultivate communication with their horses, then honestly, nobody would use them.

    • You’re obviously not honest. Have you got anymore worthless gems of stupidity to share???

    • Yup, death happens. But why cause unnecessary pain, trauma, cruelty, and terror in the process?

    • In trying to sound morally elevated you simply come across as pompous and ignorant.
      Death is a natural part of live. Everyone understands and accepts that. We’re talking about willfully causing the death of sentient beings for entertainment and profit. Big difference.
      Though probably not to someone like you who supports the racing industry and the decades of killing it is built on.

  5. Allow me to illustrate something that happened today ….that proves the point that every animal lover all ready knows …they are smart ass hell (they KNOW everything that’s goin on),our kitten was opening bedroom doors today by turning doorknobs. Not even a year old yet,and figured out how humans do it. Now, granted today was first day I caught her “in action” … but, you get my point, they (Animals) are smart,sensitive, and don’t you racing a**holes dare put them in an abusive situation. Animals do not want to die … the same way you horse killing industry idiots don’t want to die.Go put your lives (humans) in a bad odds (high probability) of you dying situation. Yeah, I can already hear the crickets 😒

    • Why do you have kittens in your house? They love to live outside , animal cruelty at its finest!!$

      • It’s funny how you consider it immoral and cruel to keep an animal smaller than a breadbox confined in an entire house but you have no problem keeping a 1200-lb animal like a horse confined to a 12 x 12 box for 23 hours a day.

  6. All you have to do is look at each horse’s eye to see the fear, pain and distress they are suffering. It is not just from the bits, but also from the ropes and chains that are run thru their mouths and in the case of chains, over their sensitive upper gums, to keep “control”. It is evil, and if these horses had not been forced into hard labor at a tender age of 1.5yrs old (to be ready to race at 2), they would not need such vicious means. They run from fear and are therefore desperate to fight back from the pain. Quick money is king in horse racing, and all horses are expendable. Get them on the track fast and if they win, good. Run them more and more until they break down. If they lose, send them to slaughter sales and get a few dollars from their sacrifice before doing it all over again. Great tax write-offs for the business. Anyone who supports racing is either just plain ignorant of the truth, guilty of intentional ignorance or evil to the core. There is no other category to justify it.

  7. That was an exceptional video. It furthers my argument that horse racing can’t be reformed – it must be banned. Thanks Patrick and all of your readers for making a difference.

  8. Thank you Patrick Battuello for digging up the truth — Depraved CRUELTY leads to SLOW death — to SUFFOCATION — SHUT DOWN this evil, brutal racket.

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