2-Year-Old Conversational Killed at Churchill Today

According to the chart, Conversational was a “went wrong, vanned off” in the 1st at Churchill this afternoon. This, as regular readers know, is KentuckyRacing-speak for dead. And she is, as confirmed by multiple sources. She was but two years old.

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    • Yes they are. And, they are being forced to do this, by LAZY humans who don’t want to get A REAL job …cause they’re lazy.

      • What really pisses me off is people like you who call anyone working with animals LAZY!! It is 24hrs a day, 365 days a year commitment!! What do you do besides being a LAZY keyboard warrior? Hold my beer, lol

        • You know what’s REAL work scumbag? Working with PEOPLE who have the ability and FREEDOM to speak up and tell you what a piece of s**t you lazies are. Horses cannot speak, or any way to protect themselves. Go get a job you scumbag.

        • Actually this sort of stuff would be considered animal abuse if it were not at the track. And the horses would have at least some chance. How is it legal on the track? A d why do so many of these horses die alone with out even a kind word from the people they serve. If it’s a 24hour a day job why are so many of them spending pretty much all day by themselves. What lacking in this kind of work is accountability and responsibility. Perhaps abusing animals appeals to race track employees because the criminal acts are perpetuated on silent victims. Hold your beer you say? How do you find time to drink with all that hard work you do? And yes I am familiar with horses. We don’t deserve them if we allow this kind of treatment. Stick that on your pipe and smoke it.

        • Abusing animals is not working with animals. Drug dealers also put in a lot of hours, we don’t call that work.

        • Kill buyers “work with animals”, too – put in long hours, too. So what’s your point, Lucy? (and just chug it – it might help 😉)

        • The real workers are the racehorses who almost always never benefit from the billions in wagering profits they generate.
          They are slave earners for their handlers who often abuse and kill them.
          My sympathies lie with the racehorses not with anybody else.
          You have a choice Lucy to speak out and/or leave – the racehorses don’t so maybe you should consider working somewhere else where you are not supporting this horrible abuse.

  1. Replay…horse in the lead for a long time. Getting smacked. Finally loses jockey after an issue with his wellbeing. A jockey running behind with no chance of winning catches the injured horse. So so sad.

    • She would be Jennifer ….if not for lazy money grubbers. The WHOLE reason these horses are getting Killed is because people who don’t want to go get a real job.

  2. This cruel sport of racing horses needs to end! Those who are responsible for the abuse and deaths of horses must be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

    • You are ABSOLUTELY correct Jan …it’s cruel animal abuse, that must be stopped to save the horses. How many more have to die before the abusers/killers get a conscience and feel remorseful? Of course we already know the answer to that question. The scumbags who draw a paycheck off of the murder,maiming, and psychological abuse of innocent animals, have only one thing in their black hearts,and that is greed.

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