Another Kill at Saratoga

Today at Saratoga, according to the Gaming Commission: “Practice Squad sustained leg injury while training, euthanized on track.” As with the recently-deceased Credit Event (also at Saratoga), there will be much grieving: The 3-year-old Practice was coming off a $69,000 “win”; pity the “connections” (Jordan Wycoff, Joe Sharp).

Saratoga’s Victims, Thus Far
Range War, Jun 3, training – “injured while breezing” (being prepped for first race)
Supernova, Jun 22, stall – “apparent peritonitis”
Vindatude, Jul 3, training – “collapsed and expired” (three years old)
Credit Event, Aug 6, training – “fractured leg, euthanized”
Plurality, Aug 6, training – “collided with another horse” (being prepped for first race)
Practice Squad, Aug 10, training – “sustained leg injury, euthanized on track”

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  1. Tennis is a sport. Horseracing is a cesspool of criminals committing crimes against horses and other people.

  2. To the elected politicians of New York: how many more times are you going to rubber stamp hundreds of millions of public subsidies to a business that regularly kills racehorses?
    How many more times are you going to force NY residents and businesses to financially support this?
    How many more times are you going to deny state-of-the-art educational facilities, books and teachers to NY children, instead, giving it to this killing and corrupt business?
    Waiting for an answer.

    • This corny nonsense (horse racing) would NOT even exist without the poor dear soul claimers. The spoiled pampered horses who cost a lot of money rarely barely race. They treat them like china. Shut this evil down. And, the claimers should be the FIRST ones saved. Shut this gambling racket down.

      • Let’s not forget the Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three horses that have been killed such as MONGOLIAN GROOM, MEDINA SPIRIT, and many others. I believe that there are untold numbers of young, underdeveloped colts and fillies, some of them not yet named, that have been killed by their abusers including the money-mongers at Keeneland Association and Fasig-Tipton Auction sales
        by forcing them into this horror and expecting and demanding the babies to perform as though they were fully grown, fully developed and matured horses without the injuries inflicted upon them while growing to maturity.
        Everything about horseracing is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES at every level and every stage of this morbid, demented cruelty to horses.
        People like Kathryn Papp should be in jail for what she and the rest of them do to horses at all ages. Breeding horses that can’t be forced to race anymore because they are suffering from some type of injury/injuries and/or respiratory illness and calling it “rescuing” OTTBs is not only a farce, it’s despicable, disgusting and demented!!!!!!

  3. it’s about time this KILLING GROUND” called a racetrack be REALLY INVESTIGATED!!!! too many horses have died already this year !!!!!!lets get a real group looking into the racetrack deaths- not some “connected ” group who does NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • I’ve heard horrific shit about new york tracks,and how they treat non-ny trainers and such. I got the impression they are horribly clannish, we already know they are horse killers. If I was an out of state trainer … I sure as hell would not take my charge there.

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