Second Kill at Saratoga Today – “Collided With Another Horse”

No sooner did I report on Saratoga’s kill from this morning than…another. Just released by the Gaming Commission: “Plurality collided with another horse on the main track…euthanized due to his injuries.” Plurality, also trained by Chad Brown, was just two and being prepped for his debut. Death #5, and counting:

Range War, Jun 3, training – “injured while breezing” (being prepped for first race)
Supernova, Jun 22, stall – “apparent peritonitis”
Vindatude, Jul 3, training – “collapsed and expired” (three years old)
Credit Event, Aug 6, training – “fractured leg, euthanized”
Plurality, Aug 6, training – “collided with another horse” (being prepped for first race)

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  1. This is not a sport when animals are abused and slaughtered for humans to make blood money. Trainers will beat horses and kill them if they don’t make any money. Injuries are not worth treating and horses just killed. Jockies are just little people wanting to look big on top of a horse which they can hit as much as they like. The whole industry is corrupt and stinks. Make jockies run the courses. If injured or come last just shoot them, easy get another one. That’s what they do with horses.

    • It’s a corny vanity exercise for the likes of George Soros(SF racing) and his fellow billionaire scumbags. May they all …..🤮

      • I actually doubt Soros has any interest. It’s an investment and he has a manager that runs it.

        • Alan it’s the point of getting these crazy bored billionaires taken out of racket .. cause they ( soros repole dubb ..and such) keep this corrupt bullshit rolling. *THAT* “the fish rot from the head down”. Take sf racing away from old Bob Baffert …poof,Bob’s gone. Take repole and dubb,away from no chin todd,poof gone.*That* is my POINT.

        • Gavin Murphy is his SF Bloodstock and SF Racing Manager and tax counsel who is also on the Breeders’ Cup board of directors. There are two other “men” involved in this business with Soros and his Soros Fund Racing and Bloodstock parts of his Soros Fund. They partner with other “high rollers” in the ownership of Thoroughbred racehorses. As long as there are government subsidies and government-directed benefits to horseracing keeping it PROPPED up, these money-mongers will be there exploiting horses to death because obviously they’re morally depraved enough and because they can.

  2. Since both of these colts trained and killed today by Chad Brown were killed in training and not during an actual race, I wonder if the Twitter feed will be full of comments such as “thoughts and prayers” or not? I don’t do Twitter myself.
    I wonder if anyone among the racing fans paying attention to these two horse fatalities have enough intelligence and morals to put two and two together and come to the conclusion that “Horseracing is horse-killing”?

      • One person out of 1,000 or more would be something. I don’t suppose we will know unless they are willing to admit openly that they get it; that it isn’t freak, random bad luck when abused horses die from being forced, doped, whipped, shocked to run under abnormal conditions and confined to a stall 23 hours a day.

      • I’m thinking about the younger people that aren’t die-hard fans of racing but do admire the horses themselves more than the superficial glitz and glamour. When they see the killing, hopefully it makes them think twice about how horses are treated.

        • I haven’t been to a track in years but I don’t remember many people under retirement age. Hopefully there still aren’t any.

          • Alan, people take their children to races. Check out the pictures of racehorses in the post about bits. There is a young girl in the background in at least one of the pictures.

  3. As most of us know there are serial racehorse killers and repeat offenders in horse racing.
    These “trainers” who have high and suspicious rate of racehorse deaths are never held accountable.
    In fact, they are revered by horse racing, but not on here because I’m calling them out for the racehorse killers that they are:
    RANGE WAR Owners Bass Stables LLC “Trainer” repeated racehorse killer TODD PLETCHER is what sources are saying. This 3 y.o colt didn’t even make it to his first race.
    VINDATUDE bred, owned and “trained” by serial racehorse killer George Weaver whose allegedly part of the “horsemen’s group” who receives and controls millions in public subsidies.
    CREDIT EVENT. Owned by notorious racehorse owner(s) who has a history of suspicious deaths KLARAVICH STABLES and trained by serial racehorse killer CHAD BROWN..
    PLURALITY. While the horse racing industry reveres Chad Brown has being the greatest, we know that he’s great at killing multiple racehorses under his care, custody and control some under suspicious deaths for equine insurance money. He’s also great at ripping off his stable help.
    He settled with the NY Department of Labor in May 2019 for $1,617,673 in back wages, liquidated damages, and civil penalties for willful violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the labor provisions of the H-2B non-immigrant visa program.
    Not even dismal failing performances, lack of transparency, animal cruelty and outright human rights violations is enough to garner questions or attach caveats to get their millions in public subsidies so what incentive do they have to change?
    The gravy train just keeps on flowing in and hopefully that’s all about to change.

  4. I still remember the two horses killed in the back of the horse trailer for insurance purposes. I used to look forward to the big 3 horse racing season but no more! These horses are just babies when they are run to their possible deaths. Whether they are on the track or on the plains they deserve better than this. BAN HORSE RACING. Stop the round ups. PASS THE SAFE ACT! SAVE THE HORSES!

    • Rebecca, Eight Belles,snapping off both front legs in Kentucky Derby …should’ve been enough … for these evil chucklenuts.

  5. When is this barbarism going to cease? Something momentous needs to happen. National protests….lawsuits….civil disobedience….This brutality just goes on and on….I’m fed up with the collective inaction of all the animal groups on this issue.

    • Our legislative branch of government needs to pass laws to make it possible to put these die-hard horse abusers and die-hard horse-killers behind bars. AS AN EXAMPLE: It’s possible for the jockeys who were suspended 20 years for getting caught using electrical shocking devices on racehorses at a REGULATED RACETRACK can go to an UNREGULATED RACETRACK and continue riding racehorses and, believe it or not, have the electrical shocking devices taped to their wrists and continue to do what they have always done and a lot worse! Without laws that make it possible for police to be ordered to arrest the people who commit these outrageous horrors against horses, these morally depraved horse abusers and killers will just find a different way to continue the ABUSE & BRUTALITY against horses!!!!! Anything goes at the UNREGULATED RACETRACKS. As if the REGULATED RACETRACKS are not bad enough, there is an UNREGULATED Quarter Horse straightaway racetrack in Georgia (USA) where the horses are injected with illegal, TOXIC street drugs: cocaine and methamphetamines. The jockeys can whip the horses at every stride plus shock them with the buzzers, all while the horses are hyped up on these illegal substances. When the horses go down, they go down fast and hit the ground hard and their bodies keep moving (rolling, flipping) forward from the momentum. The dead racehorses are dragged down the track in the dirt behind the big John Deere tractor with no van, no ambulance. There are NO SCREENS to hide the horror.
      Legal action against these horrible horse abusers and horse-killers needs to be very in-depth and effective at both the REGULATED RACETRACKS and the UNREGULATED RACETRACKS!!!!!

  6. My horses have never “collided” in the pasture. Even at horse shows, after some horses dumped their riders and tore off back to the barns, I’ve never seen them “collide” with the swirling masses of other horses warming up. I’ve sure see it at the tracks though.

    • Same here, Marie – NEVER, in over 30 years of having horses.

      Please be sure to see the PR photo of Life is Good post-race yesterday – it’ll sicken those who care. Skimming Twitter this morning, I’ve seen many tweets by the pro-racing crowd (you know it’s bad when they acknowledge the abuse) regarding Life is Good being made to stand while a post-race interview (NBC) was taking place. Comments included mention of the heat (90’s and humid), how the horse was blowing, signs of him tying up, not being cooled down (so much for NYRA’s claims they were going to assure safety and welfare for their horses being forced to run in those ungodly weather conditions)…

      But of course, for many “tweeters”, it was about how making Life is Good endure such treatment was “not a good look” for the TV audience…and of a “million dollar” horse, no less (so what does THAT say about all of the “cheap claimers” who don’t get as much as a quick sponge squeeze over their heads? – you never see racing’s sheep mention them). It’s ALL about appearances.

  7. Again, blaming the HORSES for everything under the sun — when there’s a “win,” it’s the jockey, trainer, owner who get accolades — give me a moment to hurl – SHUT DOWN evil, cruel, abusive Horseracing business

  8. It just shows that these horses are running full speed in what amounts to a blind panic, so focused on escape that they become oblivious to anything else. And to the tiny humans who are supposed to be “encouraging” these babies along: what the hell were you doing up there to get two horses running toward each other close enough to collide?!

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