A Short, Miserable Life

Felons Only was made Feb 7, 2019, by Chancey Mill Farm. Shortly thereafter, she was sold to Crystal Pickett. Follows is the entirety of her “career,” all of it under Pickett.

Sep 3, 2021, at Timonium (her debut): last, 18+ lengths back
Sep 30 at Laurel: second-to-last (of 12), 13+ lengths back
Oct 28 at Laurel: second-to-last (of 10), 16+ lengths back
Nov 20 at Charles Town: second-to-last (of 8), 16+ lengths back
Jan 5, while training at CT: compound fracture, dead – at the age of two

That poor girl. This wicked industry.

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  1. This whole corny bs thing(horse racing) is a way for people who don’t want to work … to try and justify their existence. Shut this abuse/torture/killing of beautiful equines NOW!

  2. They keep running horses to try to get back the money they paid for them. Even horses that have no intention of getting out in front of the field. This will only end by ending all subsidies and educating the public.

  3. The people involved in horseracing are felons. They need to be held accountable to a higher standard than what they have been so far. Racing horses is premeditated, willful, malicious and deliberate abuse of horses for money.

  4. How very very sad. They might have just as well killed her outright. She would have suffered less.

  5. Poor horse trying to tell her people that se did not want to be a racehorse. Did they listen, No. It is usually the people who were notin tunh the horse. Dumb.

  6. I wish a short, miserable life on every POS person who contributes to the vile horseracing industry in any way.

  7. I could not be more disgusted by the actions of this industry. It is modern day slavery for animals. When will this stop??!!

  8. It’s very sad when we realize an industry is so disgusting that we feel good about the poor unwilling participants being killed at two years old and younger. They are the lucky ones, saved from a lifetime of confinement, whipping and doping.

  9. I am just so sick of how humans on this planet treat animals! This poor horse! Shame on all the disgusting humans who contributed to her sad and short life! And shame on all who stood by and said nothing! Humans are the worst race on this planet! We have to change! People need to speak up for every animal on this planet! Horse racing is a cruel and money driven “thing”! I do not consider it a sport! Animal cruelty is NOT a sport!

  10. Bonnie’s comment says it all: Most people involved in racing today are the lowest dregs of society. They’re just lazy, incompetent and without a stitch of redeeming value!

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