Animal Cruelty in the Starting Gate

This video clip was sent to us this afternoon. The horse is 4-year-old Kidyounot; the race, the 7th at Horseshoe (old Indiana Grand). It speaks for itself.


  1. Yeah, just jerk and jerk on the bit and that will teach the horse. Sickening.

  2. How do you stop this deliberately cruel carnage unless the heartless abuse of race horses is forever outlawed by govermments all over the world 🌎 immediately and the perpetrators are are given appropriate corporal punishment and prison terms so they learn that
    animal cruelty is not OK..

  3. abuse to horses. why dont the trainers undersand the horse is saying it does not want to race. why isntthat respected. abusing the horse is wrong.

    when a horse acts like that they should be taken out of the race

    abuse for money and gambling- how sick that is, iinsane

  4. That piece of crap jerking the horse’s mouth thinks he’s going to teach that horse who’s boss. I will only be surprised if they actually stand behind the starting gate with an electric cattle prod for when the gates open and shock the horse/s in the rear. I would not be surprised if they do that, but what would surprise me is if they did it out in the open for everybody to see it during the actual races and not just in training.

  5. This reminds me of something I saw 2 or more years ago at Prairie Meadows .. a baby named In the Gap,was in the one hole starting gate was standing there PATIENTLY …not doing a single thing,it was either his first or second race EVER,and the piece of shit man .. whatever you call them,walloped him on the forehead between the eyes,for NO mf’r reason. The horse(baby) looked stunned,and ran poorly. When does it end,you pieces of shit???????

    • That between the eyes reminds me of something. Between the eyes being the spot where a horse or other large animal can be stunned and/or killed depending on what type of weapon is used.
      What kind of demented asshole human being would hit a young colt between the eyes in the starting gate…??? Was the race rigged, I wonder, because of betting interests??? Horseracing is all evil and INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES.
      I can’t say on this blog what I think about these pieces of shit or what I would like to do to them.

    • I saw the same incident. It was a gray horse and couldn’t believe this jack ass was hitting this horse with all his might. And on camera. Can we imagine what happens behind closed doors????

      • This is where undercover videos come in handy to educate people like they’ve never been educated before…😳😬😢🤮🤬

  6. The majority of jockeys have “little man syndrome” – they try to compensate for nature’s poor endowment and their short stature by beating on a large powerful animal because they know damn well the horse will not fight back.

    • And also they can’t speak and tell who did what to me and my stable mates. Too bad,isn’t it.

  7. The cruelty increases every day against horses and all the jurisdictions that provide horse racing will one day have to answer for all the crimes that happened to horses in the great lust for a buck. God loves His horses and there will be justice dispensed on
    the Day of the Lord.

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