Mare Dead at Tioga

Baby Got Back is dead at Tioga Downs – “euthanized [Tuesday] due to medical condition.” Although the Commission failed to specify what the condition was, I can tell you the 5-year-old mare was raced 10 days prior.

Dead horses every day – this is horseracing.

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  1. Okay – so the death and life of BABYGOTBACK is highly suspicious on many fronts.
    First of all, Equibase has literally erased her records or had no records including no information on owner, trainer, or race record.
    Since this is horse racing the former explanation makes more sense.
    Second, this mare was bred in Ireland so had to be brought over to the USA on some form of transportation, most likely plane which cost a lot of money.
    Third, the Irish race records have erased all of her information.
    There is only the sire listed Amilynx (FR) who would have been 20 years old when he bred to Babygotback’s broodmare whoever that is?
    The racing office of Tioga Downs MUST HAVE the foal registration papers on file in order for this mare to be legally permitted on the grounds including the trainer for care, custody and control legal issues.
    This example alone, because there has been plenty of them in the past, exposes the deep corruption in horse racing on many levels.
    For example, all racehorses that are on the grounds in the stable area on tracks all over this country is one big huge SECRET because only the racing office knows (for the most part) whose in those stalls.
    However, the only time the tattoos are checked to verify the racehorse is in the saddling paddock to race and there’s corruption on that level too.
    Everything about this poor mare’s death stinks like their piles of manure and there’s no doubt in my mind that this mare belonged to a prominent owner and/or syndicate at one time because somebody paid for her flight to USA.
    Also, it’s seems obvious to me that she suffered greatly long before she died was probably denied critical vet care and NOBODY – not one of these pathetic parasites will be held accountable.
    An investigation into her entry onto the track grounds, including her foal papers, and medical situation should ensue, but this is horse racing.
    A reminder that Tioga Downs casino subsidies supports the track and all of their nefarious activities, blatant racehorse cruelty and corruption.
    This track would not exist, most likely, without the millions handed over to it every single year with zippo oversight on all levels.
    I can only imagine how much BABYGOTBACK suffered and how long this was going on.

    • Sometimes the race office does not even know which horses are in a tracks stalls! We have seen barely month old foals hidden with their dam in a stall at our now defunct 1 mile oval track here in Oregon. We have also seen non-racing breeding sires & dams being hand bred at our old 5/8 mile state fairgrounds track that`s been gone now for 20+ years.The dam for Babygotback is listed but absolutely no other records are shown on Equibase. An amazing amount of incidents occur on the backside of most tracks that the general public has no idea of!

    • I searched “what constitutes a medical condition in a racehorse” and several things came up. Even allergies to dust was one of the things listed; an allergy to dust can lead to COPD in horses. Also, allergic reactions to insect bites can be serious. I can only wonder what this mare had. I can only wonder what her medical condition was that prompted her connections to end her life at Five-Years-Old. That is so sickeningly horrid that anybody could do this to this mare!!!! I’m sure she suffered ALL of her life and even more so in the latter part of her life. I suspect that they are being vague for a reason such as they have something to hide. Whatever her medical condition was, they don’t want to spend the money to take care of her so they just eliminate her. This is horse racing and it is sickening, heartbreaking and soul crushing.

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