Dead: Smokin Hot Fire at Los Alamitos, Munny One at Del Mar

In the 7th at Los Alamitos Saturday, Smokin Hot Fire was said to have “fell past wire.” In fact, the CHRB reports, he is dead – at the age of two. Also, yesterday, Munny One died at Del Mar: “sudden death.” Like Smokin, Munny was but two years old.

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  1. But don’t worry, HW followers: the CHRB is on it. Well, I mean, on them. All the top scientific minds in California have been studying these horror-show breakdowns and sudden deaths for years. Any day now, they’re due to find the magic cure for public, violent baby racehorse deaths. So please bear with them, as they’ve only very recently come to realize that if you race fewer horses, you’ll kill fewer, too.

    • Or maybe they’ll take a cue from one of their own racing-employed – a breeder/owner – and echo her words that there’s no need to get upset over dead racehorses because just THINK about all the ROAD KILL…because of the greater number of squirrels and raccoons and opossums and rats and deer (yep, her list) laying dead on the road when compared to dead racehorses, it’s just “EASIER to attack racing”. Gospel.

        • Yes, please do! Then again, this particular owner/breeder might have her anonymity maintained through racing’s all-important PRIVACY protections. (“We defend our right to mangle and maim horses for gambling degenerates all day, every day. But don’t you dare leak our names, or we’ll sue your ass for defamation.”)

          • Kelly, Nothing shocks me anymore …when it comes to the greedy depravity that oozes out of the pores of these people who have made the CONSCIOUS decision to use horses to make a living. Why should people like todd pletcher become multi millionaires for doing *this*,which by the way …is not a real job(especially for a man). Working with and putting up with people is the real work. People can fight back, horses are slaves.

          • Oh I have no problem providing the names of these delusional, greedy people along with their asinine comments – this particular racing breeder/owner who says we should be concerned with ROAD KILL instead of the “EASY” target of horseracing is Pavla Nygaard. Here’s another good one from her…

            “I wanted to become a vet. Until I volunteered at a small animal hospital and found out that half of the practice was taking care of sick dog and cats, the other half was spay/neuter and putting down unwanted animals. Not sick or old. Unwanted. Sad. Whether horses, dogs or cats.”

            Yea, you might need to read that more than once to really grasp the level of her hypocrisy (not to mention stupidity) in that gem.

            “Half the practice was taking care of sick dog and cats” – and what did she THINK a small animal vet did? “The other half was spay/neuter”…yep, that is something else a small animal vet does (in addition to taking care of the sick ones!) in their practice…so what was so eye-opening for her about those things but more importantly, WHAT’S her point? There IS no point – but since she can’t argue the facts (dead racehorses), deflection is all she’s got.

            And the crazy hypocrisy; “the other half was…putting down unwanted animals. Not sick or old. Unwanted. Sad.” Yes, she said that…a racing BREEDER (who in another of her tweets complained about the “million horses” needing “sanctuaries”) is pointing her finger at small animal vets who euthanize “UNWANTED” animals while she and her industry have perfected the cycle of breed, use, discard the UNWANTED to the slaughterhouse, repeat.

            What can you say…

          • Except the abusers wouldn’t have a leg to stand on (like the horses they cripple and kill) to try to sue those who expose them, Kelly, when the incrimination comes right from their own lips. And they think they’re so smart…

      • It just came to me ….is it an older woman former trainer (west coast)? Did I get it? Ya’ll know who I’m thinkin?

  2. I still remember the farcical lead up to the Ca. Breeders Cup,(the one Mongolian Groom broke down in) … every talking head and their grandmother did an interview with one vet or another .. about all their brand new, never better machines they were using so no horse will catastrophically break down in a Breeders Cup race there. No siree Bob. There wasn’t a single tvg employee who didn’t interview one of the vets. What a flat out joke these people are.

    • Yes, Bonnie, they are a horridly cruel and sadistic joke!!!! In the downloaded pdf of the evaluation of MONGOLIAN GROOM, there are pictures of the X-RAYS of his MICRO FRACTURES in his fetlock joint which were obviously taken BEFORE HE WAS FORCED TO RACE IN THE BREEDERS’ CUP. Sorry I can’t remember right now if it was one hind fetlock or both. Then, in the AFTER THE RACE portion of his evaluation, by Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage, they show the picture of the X-RAYS of the CATASTROPHIC BREAKDOWN FRACTURES. It is painfully obvious that enough people knew that MONGOLIAN GROOM was UNFIT TO RACE, BUT THEY RACED HIM ANYWAY. What did these morally depraved idiots think would happen? That they knew they were “above the law” enough to get away with deliberately causing the fatal breakdown of a beautiful Thoroughbred GELDING. A GELDING obviously has no breeding value. Since he had no value as a stud (to these morally depraved degenerate people), what value did he have with MICRO FRACTURES in his hind fetlock/s…? Well, just run him in a race (his last race) and let him break down and, then what??? Collect the insurance money??? How’s that for getting some cash out of a high-profile RACEHORSE that these morally depraved degenerate people cannot fathom actually taking him off the track and letting his MICRO FRACTURES heal. 🤬

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