Enid Gets Whipped Right Before Breaking Down at Churchill

According to the chart, Enid “sustained an injury and was vanned off” in the 5th at Churchill Jul 4. The Racing Commission, however, reports that said injury was “catastrophic,” and Enid was “humanely euthanized” back in the barn. Dead, at four.

Watch as Enid (on the rail) gets whipped immediately before breaking down…


  1. I’d like to be the person with the whip to be using that on the god damn piece of shit jockey. OMG this horse racing is just so unbelievable cruel – the owners, trainers, jockeys, racing commissions, etc are just all abusers – each and everyone of them. This so called sport needs to be shut down forever!!!

      • And,kellycrimmins your name fits you. You apologist creep. You’re a dumbass woman. Not a single person would give a rat’s ass if it was you homely humans kicking the bucket …rather than gorgeous equines.

      • kellycrimmins, why do you think it is okay to ABUSE horses??? Anybody that thinks it’s okay to abuse horses belongs in jail right along with the jockeys and everyone else involved in this ABUSIVE industry, because it is conspiracy to commit Felony Animal Cruelty as long as you think ABUSING HORSES is okay. Defending the abusers is definitely morally depraved as is the actual whipping of the horses and all the rest of the horrendous CRUELTY to horses committed by everyone in this egregiously CRUEL industry!!!!

      • Oh, really? How do you justify the merciless whipping of this horse when just two strides later, he collapsed and crumbled to the dirt suffering a catastrophic injury. The remarks are COMPLETELY ACCURATE AND DESPERATELY NEEDED! Your heart must be blackened, diseased flesh as you show not one stitch of compassion or empathy for what racehorses endure. The horse-racing industry is the most corrupt and cruelty infested industry in all of sports, and it unquestionably should be plowed under, along with all the humans. Finding anyone possessing a modicum of morality in horse-racing is like trying to find a politician with no skeletons in his/her closet.

      • I’m just sorry it wasn’t the ‘jockey’ that had the catastrophic injury instead of the innocent, whipped horse. I’ll save my sympathy and tears for the horses, and NOT the money-grabbing, profiteering horse abusers and horse killers.

    • Cathy, it’s for lazy scumbags who don’t want to WORK. Instead of getting an education, or learning a trade,it’s like “I’ll just get into this pure evil gambling racket of abusing baby horses. They ALL get into it because no education required,and they are lazy as hell. I hope each and every one of them ROTS.

      • A college degree in Veterinary medicine requires 8 (eight) years of college. The lawyers/attorneys have to go to college also. I think these certain people are just EVIL to want to knowingly and willfully ABUSE horses.
        A college degree is NOT REQUIRED to have the common sense and the common decency to allow young and underdeveloped colts and fillies to grow to maturity, instead of taking away their normal lifestyle and life span. Horses would never choose this kind of sadistic treatment if they were given the choice.

          • Yes, and sometimes it screams and sometimes money breaks the sound barrier. The saying that money talks is very common but those second two, I read in a book at the library in 2004.

  2. Instead of just saying to oneself well we’re too far back to win, why keep beating the beautiful horse thinking he’ll catch up to the leaders. This is a sin beyond beyond.

  3. The rules & regulations of horse racing are there to protect the gamblers and wagering windows NOT the racehorses as horse racing would like you to believe.
    They go to great lengths to justify their cruelty and blatant inhumane treatment of racehorses including using euphemisms to describe the beatings such as ‘urging.”
    The rules state that a jockey “must get the most out of their mount,” which is why jockeys can get fined if they don’t keep whipping and beating a racehorse.
    Can anybody name me a business that monetarily fines a worker for not being sadistic and abusive enough?
    Can you imagine a dog show where the handler must beat the dog to walk faster or they get fined?
    Racehorses like Enid are all voiceless and defenseless victims of this corrupt gambling racket and killing business.

  4. obviously there was a problem BEFORE the race-beating the horse only added to this issue!!!! I hold the owner, trainer and the jockey responsible -there should be a REAL investigation !!!!!!!!

    • How about the responsibility of the owners and administrators of this RACETRACK that facilitates this ABUSE and killing of the horses to fill out the race card for the wagering handle and the gambling addicts??? What about the track vet who gets paid by Churchill Downs Inc. to act like a blind man in order to fill out the race card??? What about the RACING Secretary who can’t wait to fulfill his or her job duties of receiving entries and monetary entry fees and possibly overlooks little things like maybe there is a pre-existing condition with this horse or that horse, but the boss-who-signs-my-paycheck said let that horse pass (no questions asked)…??? Everyone involved in this egregious cruelty to horses needs to be investigated. That includes the Racing Commissioners and Stewards of racing as well.

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