Megameister Dead at Cal State Fair

According to the chart, Megameister “took a bad step and was vanned off” in the 4th at Sacramento (state fair) yesterday. In fact, I have confirmed, he is dead. At five.

This is horseracing.


  1. That “took a bad step” comment is certainly one of the industry favorites. Blaming the victim,of course.

  2. Hi Nicole, Maybe this issue (I mentioned it before) of having to sign into WordPress is the new HRW policy. It’s just odd because I have not had to do it before. But this time, after I filled in my info and comment, it says my email is not signed into, or some such language. I am signed into my gmail; it’s how I receive these. Here’s the print screen: [image: image.png] If I’m the only one who’s having this WordPress sign-in issue, please don’t waste any time on it. I don’t need to comment. This one riled me a bit–I’m in the Sacramento region; horses should not even be “working out” in our temperatures, let alone be beaten for the last quarter mile or whatever it is. Marilyn

  3. What will the necropsy of MEGAMEISTER show? So many of these horses have Degenerative Joint Disease. There are so many things wrong with the forcing of horses to perform as gambling chips!!!!!

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