2-Year-Old Crumples, Dies at Meadowlands; All Smiles in the “Winner’s Circle”

The carnage on the harness circuit continued at the Meadowlands Friday when Fox Valley Adele crumpled and died in the 6th race. “Unfortunately,” says the track, “the horse died on the track due to possible heart attack or aneurysm.” Fox was just two.

At the end, watch the happy “winners” with their decidedly unhappy horse (the cruel accoutrements, the tugging) – all happening as the dead Fox was being carted away.


  1. This is deliberate ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! For a racing-industry-that-demands-corporate-welfare, this heinous moral depravity must be called out!!!!! This deliberate act of refusing to stop the egregious cruelty to horses must not be rewarded with government subsidies and government-directed benefits!!!! This deliberate ANIMAL CRUELTY must be punishable by law and the criminal abusers of horses should be behind bars!!!!!

  2. Did they not mention maybe it was the scorching heat caused a collapse. DISGUSTING

    • Was it above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in East Rutherford, New Jersey (at Meadowlands) on Friday July 22nd, 2022??? I found a weather site that says it is/was 90°F, feels like 94°F in East Rutherford, NJ and another site says it is 95°F today. Maybe it will be hotter later in the day??? The humidity is listed as being 45% today in East Rutherford.
      Who knows what drugs they’re injecting these horses with and what dosage???

      • I can vouch..the air quality is so bad, one can not breathe upon venturing outside. So if you are a 1000 lb beautiful creature being made to pull a cart and run getting beaten…jeez.

        • Our family is originally from NJ area, Montclair & Nutley. We have visited our uncles & maternal grandfather in New York city.When it rained we always were happy as it made the air cleaner & we felt better. When there was no rain & the air was clearly filthy dirty we always felt tired & run down. Can only imagine what it`s like for a horse racing or exercising under that bad air & heat. We visited in November years ago & thought it was bad. So thankful my 1 grandmother & parents all came to the NW in 1951 where the air is cleaner & with a fair amount of rains.

  3. What a pathetic bunch of assholes – this is disgusting beyond belief – WTF is a 2 year old even doing at the track. All of these assholes involved in any type of horse activities should be the ones collapsing and dying on the spot. Jesus H Christ will the carnage just never end!!!

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