Off and Running: “Sudden Death” for 2-Year-Old Night Girl at Del Mar

Since we began our data collection in 2014, 96 horses have been killed “Where the Turf Meets the Surf” – Del Mar Racetrack, that is. That ignominious tally will unquestionably hit 100 (and beyond) with the summer meet launching tomorrow. In fact, that process has already begun. Yesterday, the CHRB says, Night Girl suffered a “sudden death” while training at Del Mar. “Sudden death,” but here’s the thing: She was only two years old. Two, an equine baby. When will enough be enough?

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  1. The exploitation of horses for racing, and therefore the inherent killing of horses that goes with it, for entertainment and gambling and a way of life for some people is absolutely despicable!!!!!
    I have no doubt that the REPORTED number of horses killed by racing and wagering is much lower in California than the ACTUAL number of horses killed by racing and wagering in California. This deliberate discrepancy in reporting lacks integrity, as in honesty. However, since when did the racing thugs of California or anywhere else become known for being honest????
    They “govern themselves” so what can we expect but more dishonesty and disgrace?

  2. Heartbreaking. Our regular crew will be there protesting for the summer starting Saturday.

  3. Yes, but Cali racing is safer than ever, right? Got the triumphant return of blowhard Peter Miller to look forward to, fresh off his I-killed-six-horses-in-as-many-months-but-it-was-just-bad-luck “sabbatical.” Along with this comes even more guaranteed transparency from the highly credible, uber-trustworthy CHRB (and what remains of the hyper-vigilant, always-journalistic racing press) about each and every horse death in the Golden State…But, wait. There’s more:
    Officials with the Bleeders’ Cup have announced the genius decision to return their prestigious BC Death Race to Santa Anita next year! Yes. It’s true. THAT Santa Anita: the SADT, whose last Bleeder’s Cup attempt netted them more public animosity than was ever thought possible — even for them. Only this time, the Stronachs are busy already, reassuring bettors (as if THEY care in the slightest about horse carnage) that their Mongolian-Groom-killing days are behind them. This time, they’re telling themselves, we’ll bring in ninety-plus veterinarians to screen the field for the big Classic. (Since a mere thirty-something vets clearly can’t be trusted to catch all the obvious, preexisting equine injuries before disaster strikes again.)

    • Some of those “veterinarians” will need to be attentive to the “requests” made by the illustrious Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage in the event that it should become necessary to explain away the hideous (and obvious) cruelty to any horse that might be sent out to die for the collection of insurance money.
      All of these top level horses at the Breeders’ Cup races that are not going to be able to have a “second career” as a “CASH COW” on the breeding farms will be at a very high risk of being sent out to die by their salivating slimeball connections!
      Of course, that means that any GELDING is at a higher level of risk of having an unfortunate and “unforseen” “accident” or sustaining “unavoidable” injuries and subsequent death.

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