“Horse died while waiting for permission to euthanize.”

Ahead of filing my half-year FOIA report for Ohio tomorrow, I’ve decided to highlight these three in a standalone post:

From Mar 25 to Jun 5, 3-year-old Frontal Assault was raced four times. Racing-wise, he did not fare well: a combined 100.5 lengths back – an average of 25/race. Here is what the Commission says befell Frontal less than two weeks after his final race:

“This horse had a history of sporadic epistaxis – bleeding through both nostrils. He would occasionally bleed in stall. Radiographs [found] mass in sinus – possible undiagnosed tumor? On June 17, horse bled profusely in stall – blood all over. Horse was agonizing in shock and had [to be] euthanized.”

6-year-old Carina, says the Commission, “broke down” in a race at Mahoning Mar 28. She was reported as 4/5 lame and “vanned off.” The attending vet “suspected a femoral fracture and horse was shipped to farm.” From there, “horse deteriorated and was humanely euthanized on Apr 8.” Is that, folks, what we’re to call “humane euthanasia”? Made to suffer with a probable fracture – definite lameness – for 11 days?

Yamboree Queen was three when she ran her final race on New Year’s Day at Mahoning; she finished last, almost 20 lengths back. Four days later, well, I’ll let the Commission tell it: “Found in stall with severe colic this morning. A distended intestine prevented exam. Horse died while waiting for permission to euthanize.”

Need I say more?


  1. Every day there is more ABUSE, BRUTALITY and CRUELTY to horses in Ohio where the racing thugs are just as DESPICABLE, DISGUSTING and DISGRACEFUL as the racing thugs in California!!!! Pro-racing and pro-slaughter thugs who advocate for the INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES should all be arrested and charged with Felony Animal Cruelty!!!!!
    This deliberate ANIMAL CRUELTY should be punished by law and no person or group should be able to get away with this UNACCEPTABLE abuse, brutality and cruelty to horses!!!!!

  2. On reading about Frontal Assault, Carina and Yamboree Queen i feel paralysed with anger and pain. These sadistic creeps who inflicted this unspeakable mistreatment to these poor horses must be dragged before the courts and severely punished for abhorrent animal cruelty.

    Under USA federal law a racehorse is to be disqualified when a jockey breaches a certain category whip rule during the running of the race.
    The USA federal lawmakers surely have a duty of care to effect a law to protect these racehorses from the atrocities as in the case of these three horses. What more evidence is required when there is already irrefutable documented evidence dating back to 2014 by Patrick Battuello (Horseracing Wrongs) of numerous horses suffering similar to these three referenced above? And there’s also evidence in the industry itself.
    My understanding is that USA federal law encompasses the horseracing industry, then why is animal cruelty in the industry not a consideration?

  3. That is so horrible that the horse must have suffered so much. These people who owned this horse are very horrible and cruel people. They should be punished and prosecuted for animal cruelty!

  4. SINCE WHEN does a distended intestine PREVENT A VETERINARY EXAM?!?!? Are these BASTARDS not only cruel, are they THAT STUPID to think LIES like that will be believed? – THEY might be that freaking ignorant about equine matters but the knowledgeable public is not!

    Yamboree Queen, you mattered to us and our hearts break knowing the unspeakable suffering you endured in the hands of racing’s abusive morons.

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