Our First Saratoga Protest

This past Saturday, we kicked off our protest season at Saratoga Race Course. This track, of course, is one of only a handful in the nation that draws with any consistency. That said, our relentless campaign has had an effect, most notably in the way Saratoga is covered regionally. Time was, anything negative about this hallowed track was, at least tacitly, strictly taboo. Today, we get media at virtually every protest; deaths are typically covered in real time. That’s us, Horseracing Wrongs.

A few images from the day, including an interview with ABC Albany:


  1. All of the killing of horses can’t be swept under the rug now because of activism. The people showing up with posters with pictures, banners and everything makes a huge difference!
    Your hard work and dedication to the cause of STOPPING this brutality against horses is very much appreciated!
    The gravestone marker type of poster really sends a clear message that horses are not being treated as well as the stakeholders of this abusive tradition would like the public to believe. Thank you all for your efforts!!!!!
    Horseracing Wrongs is making a difference!

    • 92 degrees tomorrow and very high humidity. Sure to be a bad day for the horses. This is total nonsense.

    • Nancy, the temperatures in Saratoga Springs are in the HEAT ADVISORY level for today. It’s going to be 70°F tonight and 92°F for Wednesday, July 20, 2022, according to the weather website that came up on my search. I believe it is in the high 80s Fahrenheit now. How many people want to go out there and have a heatstroke while they are partying it up? Obviously, they don’t care about the horses dropping dead.

  2. With the barbaric Steeplechase playing out this afternoon at Saratoga…no one fell on their head. However,Pistol Whipped was pulled up and vanned off. If anyone has any information about his status can you please advise.

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