2-Year-Old One More Fly Killed at Los Alamitos Saturday

California has finally admitted to another kill. One More Fly, the CHRB says, went down training at Los Alamitos Saturday. She was just two years old and being prepped for her first race. She is the 33rd (disclosed) kill in California this year.


  1. She had to have gone down hard and fast for the California Horse Racing Board members and Frank Stronach to agree to admit to her fatality on the RACETRACK during training hours.
    “Oops, too late, can’t pretend to save this one…” “Uh, oh.” “Damn it!”
    “We’ll just have to admit to this kill.” “Oh, well.” “There are so many more young fillies we can hammer away on…”
    “Let’s do it. Let’s go kill another one.”

    • *Ol’ Doc Allred. Kinda like Ol’ Frank Stronach on steroids, though.

      • Yes, thank you, Kelly. Do you mean Frank Stronach doesn’t help Dr. Ed Allred and his crew of horse abusers to haul injured horses to an off-site location to pretend to save the fatally injured horses? I think both Stronach and Allred benefit from their gambling venues; when gambling addicts place bets online through 1/ST BET on horses running at Allred-owned LOS ALAMITOS RACE COURSE, they are both in on it. I don’t know the accounting details, but you know what I mean, right?
        I think the name 1/ST BET is derived from this wannabe king’s narcissistic, money-grubbing, power-mongering delusions: number 1/STronach and/or FIRST (BET).
        I believe that they are all in it together to hide the true number of horses killed by racing and wagering and race training; the OWNERS of the RACE TRACKS AND the CALIFORNIA HORSE RACING BOARD MEMBERS.

        • Okay, got it. And I’m sure you’re right about them all being in this sinking ship together. Plus, they’re all equally distraught about the local news media’s relatively recent habit of putting out non-stop Racehorse Death stories. (I think the CHRB finally came to realize that the only way to curtail all the bad publicity the tracks were generating is to severely curtail their own reporting of those horse deaths.)

          Hey, esteemed Board members: Why bother posting your Equine Fatalities List at all, when EVERYONE knows it’s not accurate/inclusive of all of your California Carnage, hmmmm? Oh, that’s right. You were ordered to by the Governor following the SADT “Disaster” Season of 2019. Good thing he didn’t make you reveal any standards or methodology for determining WHICH dead horses you had to include on the list, huh? That would have put you on the (oxymoronic) road to Racing Transparency — and we can’t have that.

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