“Fell Over [Her Fallen] Rival”

The 3rd at Louisiana Downs yesterday. The first horse who went down was Sneak Peek; she was “vanned off.” The Missing Piece, says the chart, “fell over [her] rival [and] walked off.” I will update on both as information comes in.


  1. You’re right Nancy. When I saw this race yesterday I didn’t think it was just a “stumble”.
    Well, sadly we know her horrible fate, poor babe.
    Surprisingly, there’s only been one inquiry on Twitter about how the jockeys are. Jockey #2 is Calvin Borel, the famous KY Derby winning jockey. Guess he’s been cast off just like the used up horses.

  2. I cannot stand to look at that beautiful face of that baby girl going down to her death. All that has EVER mattered to the type of people who call this a “job” is how big the handle was,and let’s keep the crusty old hard core gambling degenerates happy. Sad AND Vile. They don’t care about the lives of the horses.

    • That’s the way it has always been — they only care about the wagering handle and how much money is in it for their greedy slimeball selves. Their bragging about the wagering handle while horses are suffering in horrendous pain and dying and being injured and killed by racing degenerates is absolutely repulsive and only makes them more despicable, disgusting and demented. I despise this cold-hearted, evil, INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES for gambling, breeding, meat and government subsidies and government-directed benefits!

  3. I can guarantee you Sneak Peek is dead. Her front right leg was snapped. When will this madness stop!?!

  4. Unfortunately, all were right. It is obvious that Sneak Peek snapped the right front ankle causing a fatal injury.
    What bothers me was that the injury occurred in the stretch with no real traffic around, leading me to believe that the leg/ankle was already compromised before the fatal breakdown.

    • The so called “veterinarians” fail these horses everyday in this corrupt gambling racket.

  5. From the video. this poor, poor horse suffered a broken front leg, but never mind mentioning the casualties, lets carry on racing and have our five minutes of glory and the prize money.

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