A Horse Named “Exploitation,” and Other Obscenities From Yesterday

Yesterday on American racetracks…

One of the entrants at Charles Town is unequivocally the most aptly-christened horse in the history of racing: Exploitation. And, incidentally, his exploitation has been particularly egregious lately: In the 7-year-old’s past six races, including last night, he has finished a combined 142 lengths back. Needless to say, he has also been “For Sale” (cheap: $5K or below) each time out. Primary abuser: William Straughn.

Two horses were ambulanced-off the Gulfstream track – both, however, were made to finish their races. Go Nikki Go, just two years old and under the whip for the very first time, was vanned away after finishing 15+ lengths back in the 3rd. Worse still was Imperialist’s run in the 1st: “trailed throughout,” dead last, 54 lengths back. He, too, is (was) just two years old and under the whip for the first time.

At Laurel, Fille d’Esprit, says the chartwriter, “was thrashing around in the gate pre-race, was backed out and examined, dropped off the early pace, failed to respond and was eased late.” The 6-year-old finished last, 22 lengths back.

In the 2nd at Lone Star, Chive Up “was in a hard drive to set the pace inside, then was headed coming into the turn, was hard used and stopped.” Last, 31+ lengths back.

In the 1st at Monmouth, 3-year-old Playalinda “was injured and vanned off.” Then this: Never, also three, “was bumped hard by an injured rival” – yes, that “injured rival.”

This is horseracing.


  1. Regardless of what level of racing, it takes a very morally depraved mind to continue to engage in this egregious cruelty to horses! It is a well known fact that subjecting horses to perform as gambling chips at the expense of the horses’ lives is ANIMAL CRUELTY. These people involved in this morally depraved horseracing and gambling racket industry must pay the price for their evil deeds themselves one day!

  2. And don’t forget good ol’ Great Falls, Montana and their triumphant Opening Day Dump Extravaganza. They hosted a thoroughbred breakdown/van-off which the chartwriter ACTUALLY CALLED A BREAKDOWN/VAN-OFF(!).
    How’s that for some transparency and integrity, HISA?

    • Kelly that one jumped out at me too! Must be an older chart writer they dusted off to cover the few measly days of an obscure track! I haven’t seen “broke down” in years!

      • I haven’t seen it noted at all from tracks on U.S. soil. Then again, I’ve only been watching charts for a couple years now. Maybe this old guy missed the Equibase memo about new Policies and Procedures for Carnage Calling?;(

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