No Suspension for Excessive Beating by Unlicensed Rider

A Delaware Commission ruling yesterday on Emmanuel Ramirez: “The Safety Steward witnessed a violation of the riding crop during training hours after Mr. Ramirez struck the horse he was working more than 10 times [emphasis mine]. The steward…uncovered that Mr. Ramirez holds a Stable Employee license and not an Exercise Person’s license. Emmanuel Ramirez is fined $100 for participating in an occupation he is not licensed for; [he] is also fined $500 for excessive use of the riding crop.”

So: not licensed to ride, whacks the hell out of a horse, in a mere workout – no suspension, just a lousy fine.

In New Mexico, scene of eight van-offs in two days last weekend, the following:

“Trainer Arturo Chavez appeared before the Board of Stewards July 14. This hearing was regarding…a confirmed positive for the drug Methocarbamol taken from ‘One Secret Sister’ following the 2nd race on May 6 at Sunray Park.”

Chavez was fined but not suspended. The horse in question, One Secret, is just two years old, and this was her very first race. Again, that’s drugged in her first race. Also, after winning a race at Ruidoso in May, 3-year-old Quite Flashy tested positive for Dexamethasone. Trainer Clifford Graham was, like Chavez, fined but not suspended.

The lie of “racing takes animal abuse seriously” on full display – yet again.


  1. what is going on at this racetrack isabominable and deplorable. suspensions should be given of a month or twomonths for this kind of behavior.whyt must horses suffer like this? i see no reason

  2. Nobody in this business gives a serious thought for the safety and welfare of the horse. Beating a horse too many times may result in a small fine but beating the horse the number of times “allowed” is okay! What hypocrites!

    Remember Amber Cobb, the so called trainer, who screamed and yelled at a terrified filly tied in her stall while she beat her with a manure fork until she went down? It was the same Delaware Commission that, on appeal, reduced her suspension from 2 yrs to 2 months because she was impressively articulate during the “hearing”!!
    Also, that very Commission banned an unlicensed “trainer” suspected of killing a horse by a blow to the head. The perpetrator is free to work at any track he wants to, just not Delaware!!
    That’s how seriously horse welfare and cruelty is taken in this business.

  3. Those who beat horses excessively should be prosecuted and punished for cruelty to animals.

  4. And then you’ve got these sub human no feeling a-holes on twitter bragging about how much betting money this scumbag killing industry is taking in. No regard for INNOCENT precious horse’s Lives. I can’t remember his name …some homely bald guy who works for one of the rags,I think it was Horseracingnation. Hey baldy, it’s obvious you are an insensitive creep, that has no compassion for ANIMALS.

    • Just remembered rag writer’s name …Degrosso. I would say to him …how would you mr Degrosso,like to be kept prisoner 23 hours of every day? (he writes for horseracingnation).

  5. Duly noted: a) a person must have a “license” to beat on horses at a racetrack; b) to excessively whip a horse with a riding crop, a person must be licensed to ride horses at a racetrack; c) with or without a license to ride horses in training at a racetrack, a person may be subject to being “fined” for Animal Cruelty, not arrested for ANIMAL CRUELTY. This is horseracing and die-hard racing fans and sadistic people consider this not a big deal.

  6. The beatings are horrific and would be a chargeable offense in any other setting in this country.
    Beatings aside, we are in the middle of an unprecedented HEAT WAVE all over this country.
    Arizona is about 110F and feels like 120F with the sun beating down on these racehorses who are over exerting their respiratory/muscoskeletal systems not to mention how uncomfortable and unacceptable this is.
    We are talking, on average, 100F in most parts of this country including Woodbine Racetrack.
    Their shots of Lasix only exacerbates their plight because it dehydrates them coupled with excessive fluid loss via urination and it literally dries their lungs out depriving them of proper oxygen exchange.
    Yet, the beating show must go on because there are bets to be made at the detriment of the racehorses including heat exhaustion or heat-related issues because horse racing doesn’t care.
    I’m calling tracks today to tell them that they should not be running the racehorses in this heat.
    Another thing, as a former trainer if a racehorse doesn’t seem to be affected today – wait until tomorrow.
    I’m certain that almost all racehorses sent out in this heat to run today will experience residual affects and this is outright cruelty and inhumane treatment of a racehorse.
    Heartless parasites!

    • The claiming game is an absolute abomination. It is horse abuse on steroids for all to see.
      As far as I know it is an American invention and the US + Canada are the only civilized countries where it is practiced…

  7. Here’s a little feel good story before we turn the page on another hot,humid summer day …that the poor horse slaves have to race in. What I’m about to tell you all, is to illustrate how intelligent animals are. My Mom is nearing the end of her life …she missed not having a dog anymore,knowing that wasn’t do-able anymore for her,last Christmas I adopted a Calico kitten for her.They have developed such a bond,that her kitten somehow understands she barely has hearing,so when she wants to alert her,she(kitten) screams a meow in her ear,and then follows her downstairs …cause this kitten’s got an Appetite 🤣. The point I’m making is, animals are more intelligent than what most people understand. We should listen MORE to animals …they are smart as hell.

  8. Eons ago when I was young and innocent, I worked at a major racetrack (mostly grooming, some galloping and ‘hots’). I worked for a decent stable, and was fortunate enough not to see any tb’s abused, except for the part about being put to work as babies, ahem). But the sheer number of whippings, especially where the stewards don’t punish is crazy, as is the ways so many horses are treated as mere chattel, instead of sensitive animals.

    With the perspective I now have, I loathe racing, and would never go near a track or training farm. There are some lucky equines partnered with one owner/butler who make sacrifices in their lives just so their horse or pony can have all their needs addressed-soooo the polar opposite of racing. If only all equines had such great care. I really do think people should have to be licensed to have any animal, and motivated to provide good care, with harsh penalties readily imposed on those who don’t fulfill this duty of care.

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