Sip’n Dip Was Indeed Killed in That Gruesome Fall at Monmouth

The chart note for Sip’n Dip in the 6th race at Monmouth Friday was ominous: “Sip’n Dip was in tight quarters nearing the first turn, then hit the rail, stumbled badly and fell, [and was] vanned off.” And ominous it was. After quite some effort, I was finally able to confirm that the 4-year-old filly is indeed dead. Of note: Sip’s two most recent (finished) races were last, last – a combined 52 lengths back. Complicit in her death: owner Kingdom Racing, trainer John McAllen.

“Sip’n Dip has lost the rider….” – cut to the Winner’s Circle!

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  1. we neeed to shut down horse racing. you race a horse that many times it dies its animal abuse. stop all horse racing. far too many die on the track. its cleary a way to kill them

  2. What kind of religion do these jockeys have? The jockey that rides the horse that crosses the finish line first is looking up to the sky and makes gestures like “thank you, God” — like “Thank you, Jesus! ‘cuz I wasn’t killed and I won!”
    The announcer at least acknowledged the incident enough to be heard, but, of course, in racing horses, don’t expect the falling of the horse and FATAL INJURIES to the fallen horse to be the top priority or concern. This is just “another day, another dollar” routine cruelty to horses.
    In tight quarters indeed!!!! So, was this incident accidental or accidentally on purpose??? It looks like the other two jockeys crowded SIP’N DIP on purpose.

    • Who can’t comprehend that abusing horses (as gambling chips in this egregious cruelty to horses) is not an honest way to get a paycheck??? Animal abuse is certainly not a virtue!!!!!! Gambling certainly is not a virtue! There are so, so, so, so many things wrong with this industry!

  3. “After a steward’s inquiry into the incident, the race was declared official,” and you know why?
    Racehorses like SIP’ N DIP mean absolutely nothing to any of them.
    He’s a mere number – a mere gambling chip and even when he dies these parasites only care about immediately declaring the race official because that means that they get all the gambling money on that race.
    It also means that a racehorse stumbling and dying, while others were obviously affected and so was the Order of Finish, doesn’t affect the “overall” results of that race because the commissions are there to protect the wagering profits not the racehorses.
    We know that neither the connections or anybody for that matter will ever be held accountable and nothing will be done to prevent this from happening again because they can’t.
    Have you ever seen anything as brutal and morally deprived as horse racing?

    • Yes . I have. Everything in animal agriculture is brutal and all about animal exploitation to the core. All kinds of abuse including rape and slaughter to all sentient beings.

      • Agree, Ing – but my response to Gina was that I’ve never seen – firsthand witness with my own eyes – the cruelty and brutality that is horseracing…THAT I’ve seen up close and personal. BRUTAL as Gina said.

  4. This. Should be exhibit number one on why NO. It was not Sip n Dips time to go. This little girl should’ve had so much life ahead of her.

  5. Chart caller wasn’t exactly HONEST. Sip n Dip didn’t just get slammed into fence because she just out of the blue decided …. I think I’ll slam myself into fence,causing myself to land so horrifically on my front skinny legs as to snap them.

  6. Right, Bonnie. She (SIP’N DIP) was crowded into the rail much the same way as some other horses have been crowded into the rail; if I remember correctly, TRUE HERO and BOOTDADDY JUSTICE were crowded into the rail also in the recent past. HIGHCOTTON JUSTICE was disqualified to last in the case of crowding BOOTDADDY JUSTICE into the rail on June 27 in Indiana.
    Exploiting horses in this egregious cruelty to horses must be punishable by law and terminated from all government subsidies and government-directed benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SIP’N DIP was only 4-years-old, only two-thirds of the way to maturity which is 6-years-old. Horseracing is horse killing! There is no doubt about that!

  7. If the JOCKEYS were the ones fatally injured and dying, maybe then they would end this monstrosity that they have the nerve to call a sport. And maybe not, who knows – I don’t think they really care about them either. But I wouldn’t feel half as bad because at least it would be the jockey’s CHOICE to do this, whereas the horses, of course, have no say in this sick brutality. Something more than just crowding was going on there with that poor horse. They killed her in some way, mark my words. And of course, they just go on like nothing happened. What I wish on those people I can’t write here. They are nothing but pure evil and deserve eternity in Hell.

  8. Now, see? Poor filly’s death confirmation took several days, and yet here we are with (the hilariously-titled) HISA — who’s supposed to be providing (haha) Safety and Integrity in these matters.
    Wonder how many other known TB kills they’re sitting on now, after 13 lucky days in power…? It’s gotta be a bunch, yet I can’t seem to get an answer from them — nor from the highly credible, always-journalistic racing press — on what HISA’s planning to do with all those Dead Horse Reports.
    Please, can anybody here shed some light on this for me?

    • Kelly, I don’t think ANYONE can explain (probably better worded is WILL explain) HISA’s plan with the Dead Horse Reports. My guess is the bottom drawer where they’ll never see the light of day – better worded, never exposed.

      • You know, Joy, I believe you’re right about that. Sigh. I think they understand that producing such a database would be damaging to everyone who aids and abets in the killing of all these young thoroughbreds — meaning EVERYONE in the whole, sick game.
        Plus, it would piss off all the Jockey Clubbers, by undermining all the creative accounting used in their Equine Injury Deception system. Can’t have that; TJC has spent years trying to convince the public that their straight-up fraudulent EID is a remotely accurate count of their total thoroughbred racing kills. As we all know, it’s not even close.

        BUT, I’d think HISA officials would be eager to reassure all these upstanding folks that their deepest, darkest, most private, dirty-little-horse-killing secrets will continue to be, um, “Safe” under HISA. And so far, they haven’t come out and said so publicly, at least as far as I’m aware. But I’ll keep asking;)

  9. I posted about hymns sylvia last week at penn he is racing tonite at penn nat 2nd race hope the 12yr old makes it out alive

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