(Extreme) Abuse…

Friday, at Belterra, in addition to Bonnie’s the Best being “vanned off in distress,” there was this: Love You Goodbye was “trouble loading,” then “went wrong at the 1/4 pole” – yet she was still made (by jockey Luan Machado) to finish the race, some 58 lengths behind the pack. No word yet on her status. Prior to Friday, Love You’s two most recent races were last, 37 lengths back; last, 32 lengths back. What’s more, those two races were one year apart (May ’21, May ’22). The responsible: James/Nancy Adams.

All horseracing is abuse, of course. But then there is abuse in the extreme (measured quantitatively). Here are some current cases. (While I only list the present abusers, please know that given the length of servitude, each of the following has been passed around like the piece of cheap chattel he is. So there are many more to blame.)

Boot Legger is ten years old. Thursday at Thistledown, he was put to the whip for the 92nd time. Current abusers: Michelle Winters, Odin Londono, Jr.

Crafty Chief is 12 years old. Thursday at Thistledown (yes, same day, same place), he was put to the whip for the 84th time. Current abuser: Valerie Shanyfelt.

Finally, Rock City Roadhog is 12 years old. Jul 3 at Prairie, this poor animal was put to the whip for the 112th time. Current abusers: Pass Line Stables, Schuyler Condon.

This is horseracing.


  1. the horse was telling that jockey something is wrong. leave it but the damn jockey forced the horse to finish, endangering it further. what a bunch of jockey and owner losers all together to kill horses.

  2. Races run in the slop…replay race #7. It looked like the horse was going to keel over. No way in hell would the jockey NOT KNOWN there was an issue here.

  3. JACK Thistledown Racino/ JACK Entertainment LLC should lose their license to facilitate the UNACCEPTABLE abuse of horses!!!!! All of these (morally depraved) people who are profiting from the brutal and abusive exploitation of horses need to be held accountable for their ABUSE of horses!!!!! Horseracing needs to be banned!
    There is no redeeming value in placing bets on racehorses, the facilitated abuse of horses and the killing of horses that all go hand-in-hand with each other. Vices need to be punished by law when animals suffer because of it. Also, gamblers sometimes fail to provide proper care and food for their children if they have children. It’s a type of “social cancer” if you will. It needs to be addressed instead of ignored!!!!

    • I had heard a few years ago that Dan Gilbert (Jack owner and owner of Cleveland Cavaliers) wanted to get rid of racing because it’s such a money losing endeavor, and he was basically told he had no choice but to keep it to keep his casino. He has since had a pretty devastating stroke, and is no longer as involved in the operation of his casinos, unfortunately.

  4. The only way the horseracing “industry” will ever be shut down is that it must become more morally unacceptable by society than it is financially lucrative!

  5. It’s disgusting you’ve got these soft spoiled trainers (so called males) that think they are working a REAL job. I’ve got news for them(the todd’s and Bob’s of the world) you don’t know what a REAL job is. Meaning white collar and something that requires EDUCATION. These male trainers are spoiled soft males that make their living killing and abusing horses.

    • They need to have scruples. They need to have a sense of right and wrong. They need to feel guilty about what they do. They need to stop this lifestyle of lying, cheating and all of the evil things they do every day. They need to stop exploiting horses for money.

  6. Humans in Horseracing industry are depravedly CRUEL — they care only about their own — nothing else matters — SHUT DOWN evil Horseracing business — SHAME on them all.

  7. The hell with the horses … they’re just a tool to keep wives in the furs and bling and Mercedes.

  8. Maybe “wolf in sheep’s clothing” Maggi Moss could rescue HER former equine racing slave, Road City Roadhog – oh and by rescuing I don’t mean dump him on some struggling-to-stay-afloat racehorse rescue so they in turn must beg the public for money to feed the horse you used for your own pocketbook – no, YOU keep him and YOU support him for life. Isn’t that what one does for the horses they claim to love like their own family?

    • Awesome 👏 post Joy. They are all such hypocrites. None of them could give a rat’s ass.

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