My First Grammy Dead at Belmont; NYRA at 39 Kills This Year – All While Enjoying Corporate Welfare

My First Grammy snapped a leg after finishing last (29 lengths back) in the 2nd at Belmont yesterday; he is dead. He was five years old, and this was his 29th time under the whip. He was also, it turns out, sold prior to the race – a sale, of course, that was “voided” because the property was dead.

For the New York Racing Association, recipients of $130 million in taxpayer largess this year, this makes 39 dead horses at its three tracks. While I can’t say all would have been avoided without the subsidies, some surely would have. At the very least, though, isn’t it time we stop them from lining their pockets while they kill?


  1. Without the government subsidies and government-directed benefits to the horseracing industry in New York, the breeding farms will be whining about how they can’t make it. The bottom will fall out of the market for Thoroughbred & Standardbred foals produced in New York for racing. I think all of them know it and some seem to take the threat of the bills passing in the legislature to redirect the subsidies/Video Lottery Terminal payments seriously and some don’t think it will ever happen. One of these years, the gradual yearly decline in the numbers of foals produced will make it easier to get the bills passed, in my opinion.

  2. It’s all political and we’ve got to vote the bastards out!

  3. He was a recent vet scratch and was dropped in the claiming ranks. Guessing they knew he had “issues” and were hoping to dump his problems onto someone else. They almost succeeded, but killed him in the process.
    Got to love how racehorses are treated with the best care! 🙄🙄

    • If they had a chance to do it all over again, they wouldn’t do anything differently! I’m sure of that!
      They sent MY FIRST GRAMMY out to die on the RACETRACK while he was still able to walk, trot, and gallop, because that’s what these morally depraved people do. If he had been injured in such a way that he wouldn’t be able to gallop, but still able to walk with a major limp, they would have made him disappear by selling him to the killbuyer.

  4. Anyone hear anything about Enid, a son of Tiznow? He got vanned off from Churchill Downs, a few days ago. Or, was it reported already and I just missed it?

  5. I can confidently say without the $130M they wouldn’t kill any horses because they’d all be turned into shopping malls and office parks. The land Belmont sits on is worth considerably more than $130M alone.

    • Alan, Belmont NYC metro area…and the amount these other properties are worth…DelMar, Santa Anita, Monmouth, etc.

  6. The NYRA replay…shows winner circle,then shows horse standing there with humans while the horse hearse makes it way over there to load him up. How can these spectators watch these scenes with a clear conscience ( and that comment also includes the Ruidoso with people right there in full view of the mean green screen up).

  7. …..I said for years that the Sport of Kings isn’t going anywhere, so live with it. there have been well over 1,000 “they’re off” participants so far in New York so far this year. as you state, [ which I question at times ] 39 death’s from one thing to another issue. those actually are fantastic odds….39 out of well over 1,000. perhaps you could all donate more of your time getting food to hungry kids, and checking on senior neighbors to see if they need something. you’re wasting your time here.

    • You sound like an a**h**e. This is a site for ANIMAL lovers. Go find your own cause. (god forbid)

    • Check, got it. So you’re admitting you’re OK with being a sadist.
      I have nightmares from the shit I witnessed at the track., even with those 1000s of starts.. and just because they don’t die right there doesn’t mean they aren’t impacted. Just heard of 2 horses this week that had to be retired because of racing injuries. Now they’ll have to deal with issues the rest of their lives, IF they can find good homes to rehab them somewhat.
      Sucks to be you, without a conscience.

      • Marie, I think ksmack1954 is one of those senior neighbors he mentioned – you know, one that needs something – in his case, and like you mentioned, a conscience. Probably also needs help with calling 1-800-IHaveAGamblingProblem.

    • And it’s far from the “sport of kings”.
      More like the sport of paupers, alcoholics, and addicts.

    • To ksmack1954:
      It’s laughable that you would think that we would actually believe your false narrative that we’re wasting our time!!!!!!!!
      The constant reports of horses being injured and killed evidently doesn’t bother you, which shows that you have no empathy for the horses.

  8. Anybody should be disgusted by these killings, but what’s more disgusting is our elected politicians making a choice to financially support this vile business at all costs, but hopefully that’s changing with the formation of a coalition fighting to end these subsidies as stated on this site.
    Let’s not forget that back in the summer of 2008 NYRA was BANKRUPT which is why they were back at the public troughs with their cups empty.
    Secret meetings, with little to no public input, were held between politicians and the NYRA, which resulted in an obscene amount of money to the NYRA contained in a 25 year ‘franchise agreement,” netting them a dream deal that excluded any accountability to the racehorses or the public.
    They were deliberately shielded from public meetings or any type of scrutiny because the politicians knew damn well that his would not be endorsed by the majority of NY residents.
    Now their back at the public trough again with their empty cups needing $450 million in state backed bonds to build a nice clubhouse, and some other upgrades, which sits empty most of the year.
    There’s just no excuse for this and they MUST be legally held accountable to 1) clearly state on their website and government websites the dates, times and description of their meetings 2) all meetings must be open to the public so they can attend these meetings and ask questions 3) the politicians need to do their job, unlike before, and hire neutral accountants to review the books and ask questions 4) the days of rubber stamping these requests should be long over and they must be held accountable like never before 5) non-profit status vs. private enterprise. It should be obvious that the NTRA is NOT a non-profit although they technically classify themselves as one to get all of the benefits. This should be reviewed by a neutral governmental agency.
    The reason why I know lots about this is because Woodbine Racetrack in Ontario, Canada was the very first prototype for the racino model and I attended lots of meetings to become familiar with what they were proposing. Incidentally, the meetings were only open to horse racing personnel at that time.
    The blueprint is always the same and the outcome is always the same: politicians handing over millions in subsidies to a business that they know will NEVER get back on financial footing, has significantly declined in the past 10 years, would never be operating if it weren’t for the millions in subsidies and most are conducting their meets (Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga) on property owned by the state and now worth BILLIONS.
    It’s long overdue to END this insanity.

  9. I lay the majority of the blame on the a-hole veterinarians. They obviously are NOT doing their jobs properly.

  10. Let’s say we force ksmack to “participate” in something exceptionally dangerous without her consent. And, oh well, who cares if it causes her to lose her life?

    • Now Bonnie, surely you know how LUCKY racehorses are when they are killed training or racing! – or haven’t you read that thought straight from Donna Brothers, one of racing’s paid mouthpieces?

  11. You know slaughter houses and horse racing,ironically two killing industries have basically pigeon holed undocumented Hispanics into the mindset like this is all you can do ….and, the only type of employment they are capable of. It’s pathetic and sad, because, they would be capable of more. All the more reason for two industries that are sad to go extinct.

  12. How “quaint” you have a brit/american trainer h. graham motion,having the time in his hard life🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 somehow having the time from his “busy” life🙄😒to defend multi millionaire todd pletcher. What a life these non REAL men live😒 how do you male trainers handle it all🤣🤣. The REAL men in my Family would chew you fancy boys up and spit you out. How sissified today’s “men” have become. #Crybabies.Could you imagine any of these jokers having to serve their country in war? Like past Generations 🤔?

    • Is that what makes horseracing a game, a so-called game, because it has rules…?

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