Yet Another Ugly Fall at Delta Downs

Cottonpickintrain went down in the “Firecracker Derby” at Delta last night. While the chart merely said, “vanned off,” it’s a good bet the 3-year-old is gone (I will of course follow up). In its writeup on the race, the disgusting American Quarter Horse Association, after much lauding of the “winner,” ended with this: “Swags, RF Fearless Jet, Ultimo Alex, Apolltiical Crystal, Just Call Me Jess, No Secret Knockout, Heza Coco Pata, Patriot Fireworks, and Cottonpickintrain completed the order of finish.” You can be the judge on whether Cotton should have been included in that “order of finish”:


  1. I believe there were numerous falls yesterday, and of course, van offs.
    All this for entertainments and addictions sake? How sad this world is becoming

  2. The announcer is so “observant” to notice that the horse (that goes down from an injury so serious that he can’t get up) lost a rider! That is horribly disturbing and disgusting!!!!!!
    COTTONPICKINTRAIN obviously DIDN’T finish the race!!!!!!
    I agree with you that the American Quarter Horse Association is disgusting!!!!!! So are the people who are involved in this egregious cruelty to horses!!!!!!!!!!!

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