A Dangling-Leg Kill at Buffalo, 7th NY Harness Death This Year

In the 3rd at Buffalo yesterday, Heavy Handed Hanna broke down and was euthanized. She was six years old. Hers is already the seventh harness death in NY this year – an extraordinary number. Now consider this: all seven of those horses would be alive today if not for the tens of millions in taxpayer dollars propping up this moribund industry. Please support our efforts to strip these killers of their ability to operate.

leg dangling, “van” out…

Convert Dinario N, Feb 9, killed training at Saratoga Harness – “collapse”
Elegant Son, Feb 20, killed racing at Saratoga Harness – “apparent broken neck”
Never Not Dancing, Apr 11, killed racing at Saratoga Harness – “apparent broken neck”
Wakanda, May 2, death in stall at Vernon – “found deceased”
Pink Dress, May 3, death in stall at Vernon – “neurologic symptoms”
Ruby Red Rocks, Jul 4, killed racing at Saratoga Harness – “broke down near 3/4 pole”
Heavy Handed Hanna, Jul 8, killed racing at Buffalo – “broke down”


  1. Patrick, you must have nerves of steel to deal with this on an everyday basis. I commend you for what you are doing. This must end.

  2. 2nd quarter US and Canada harness statistics are published. Total betting handle down 15% year over year, total purses up over 17%. Same thing every year, fewer people attend and bet less money, purses go up. Without subsidies there would be zero tracks left.

  3. That is a great link to contact New York State Legislators! The information on what Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal and Senator Robert Jackson have done and are continuing to do is absolutely reassuring in that it is obvious that (some) people in the legislature do care about this issue. Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Wanda, while we are sharing this info with the ones in charge, this video says a thousand words. No words or explanation even necessary. That driver or whatever they call themselves had full view of this pathetic sad end to another innocent victim of this barbarism.

    • Nancy, that was horrible!!!! Evidently, more people in the legislature need to see what can and does happen to these horses.

    • And on ny’s “Big Day” they had a van off already early in the day 😒.

        • Belmont Park, July 9, 2022;
          Stakes races:
          1) Suburban Handicap $400-Thousand,
          2) Victory Ride $150-Thousand,
          3) Belmont Oaks Invitational $700-Thousand,
          4) Caesars Belmont Derby Invitational $1-Million.

          Just think, more than likely none of these purses could be supported by the wagering handle alone.
          You know that is where all those government subsidies and government-directed benefits come in handy — to make rich people richer, more or less!

  5. It would have to be abuse or something in the extreme to cause a Standardbred to suffer a fatal injury. Standardbreds are so sound and well put together and strong.Bodies that are built like beautiful machines. New York always doing what seems like more kills than ANYONE … must be doing something that is Soooo wrong. There IS no explanation.

  6. Buffalo raceway i watched replay i was crying watching video when will all this bloodbath stop that was very bad break his wgole leg was dangling

  7. Every sport has gruesome injuries. Broken legs, ruptured achilles’s, b.lown out knees, hockey injuries and accidental deaths from skate slashes. You can wager on anything now and injuries are a result of competition. I DO NOT condone drugging or racing horses that are not sound enough to be on the track. I D NOT Oondone whipping of any kind of an animal and especially a race horse. There are truly some honest and kind owners and trainers who treat their horses well.

    • Do you live in a box? Do your wardens whip you to make you run faster and faster for farther and farther?

    • Steve Jenney: You say there are “…some honest and kind owners and trainers who treat their horses well.”
      That is only true about people who know AND CARE that it is egregiously wrong to start horses out as Yearlings and 2-year-olds for the sole purpose of forcing them to perform at top speeds. Only morally depraved people start Yearlings and Two-Year-Olds out as racehorses and actually race, or attempt to race, them as Two-year-olds! This practice is one of the most horrible and unacceptable and inappropriate things that anybody could ever do with young, immature colts or fillies!
      Regardless of how you try to justify this CRUELTY and regardless of how you want to whitewash it, it is fundamentally wrong!
      This CRUELTY to horses is now, and has always been, fundamentally wrong both morally and in true horsemanship! There are people who have horses that take excellent care of their horses and wait until the proper age to expect them to work in harness or under saddle. Most of the stories like this are from a few people who breed and raise Morgan horses. Also, the people who rescue horses from abusive situations, such as racing and the killpens, deserve a lot of credit for doing their best to give decent care to horses after they have suffered from “the amazing care” that comes from the so-called horse people in racing. Racing horses is inherently sadistic and INHUMANE!

      • Ha. Plus, notice how when a human hockey player gets injured and carted off the ice, the entire REAL sports press doesn’t frantically slither away to avoid mentioning it?
        Whereas with the racing press, they just flat-out refuse to acknowledge nearly all horse injuries (and kills) in their “coverage” of a race.

        • Also, in sports that don’t involve Animal Cruelty and ABUSE, such as football, when someone is injured, the whole game is stopped temporarily. In high-profile football games, the video of the incident is played over and over so it’s all out there on national television for anyone who cares about football to see who got injured, how they got injured and what penalties might be forthcoming to any player causing injuries to opposing team members and whether it was an accidental occurrence or if it was malicious intent and/or planned deliberately to take out a certain player. In Horseracing, the videos are oftentimes deleted or “sanitized” to draw attention away from the horrible things that happened to a horse or horses and they bring out the screen to hide the downed horse from the view of any spectators. A horse can take a hard fall coming out of the gate and be so badly injured that the horse can’t get up on his feet. The RACETRACK announcer says something like “Oh! [Name of horse] lost his rider!” That’s it. The attention is on which horse wins the race. The downed horse will be vanned off and subsequently disposed of…! This is morally depraved. It must be punishable by law and stripped of all public funding!!!!!

          • Exactly one NFL player has ever died in a game and he died of a heart attack.

            • I know of high school students playing football that have died from heatstroke and severe trauma to the head and brain. It’s horrible but it doesn’t compare to Horseracing where 3 to 6 horses are killed by racing everyday. In addition, horses bred for racing but didn’t qualify for competitive racing are shipped to slaughterhouses. Even horses that did get used in racing and breeding are sent to slaughter. Whoever heard of a human being getting killed by another human just because they couldn’t win a ball game!?!?

              • I do know of a driver who has his legs broken because he wouldn’t throw a race.

                    • Exactly! Sportsmanship and HORSEMANSHIP are out the window in this gambling racket!

  8. As long as horseracing continues, these atrocities against horses will continue. Horseracing must end!

  9. Monday night at northfield racing was cancelled because a horse got loose after unsaddling and ran into pond could not be saved what a shme what stress and pain this horse endured

    • After 2nd race, harness horse having the cart contraption taken off fled and drowned.

      • Seriously? That’s why they’re supposed to remove equipment in the barn.

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