Another “Old” Horse Run by the Same People

A day after Shelly and Jake Radosevich ran the 12-year-old Samurai Zip for the 75th time, they were at it again. Wednesday, once again at Presque Isle, the Radosevichs ran Ault in the 2nd race. He is 10 years old; ’twas his 63rd time under the whip (not that it matters, but Ault finished second-to-last). The race, by the way, was of the “claiming” variety, meaning Ault was “For Sale” prior to. Not unrelatedly, Presque is a racino (taxpayer-subsidized) that allows first-last payouts. The Rados’ winnings: $525.

In other news…

From the Delaware Racing Commission: “On Jul 1, exercise rider Jomar Ortega-Serrano was intoxicated and disorderly on the backstretch,” and “evicted” from the premises. “Jomar,” they say, “has appeared before the Stewards on several occasions for past incidents.” While his license has finally been revoked, how is it that he was allowed to continue being around helpless, vulnerable horses through multiple incidents? And isn’t it nice how they referred to him by his first name?

This is horseracing.

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  1. All in a day’s work for a jockey:
    1) vomiting,
    2) whipping horses with riding crop,
    3) gambling; so why not add one more vice?
    4) drinking (to help induce vomiting)…
    When is enough enough?

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