“Catastrophic Injury, Humanely Euthanized” at Churchill

I have confirmed that Sticky Issue, a “pulled up, vanned off” in the 11th last Friday at Churchill, is indeed dead: “catastrophic injury to right foreleg, humanely euthanized,” says the Racing Commission. Sticky was four years old.

This is horseracing.


  1. There is never an end to the hell for horses who participate in horseracing! This must end!

  2. What? Those Kentucky racing commissioners actually confirmed a kill within a week? Used to take upwards of three months(!). I wonder if (the comically-named) HISA has motivated them to speed things up a bit in the death reporting department?
    Anyway, RIP poor Sticky Issue. We all knew you were probably euthanized on Friday — although the “humanely” part is still very much in doubt.

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