“Ooh a Bad Break There” – Filly Killed at Saratoga Harness

Ruby Red Rocks broke down in the 7th race at Saratoga Harness yesterday afternoon and is dead. She was just two years old.


  1. You know it’s really bad when a Standardbred dies!!!!! They are so hearty and solidly well put together.

    • Also, they’re pulling the weight rather than carrying over 100 pounds on their backs, which makes a huge difference.

      • That’s because all they care about is todd pletcher and his billionaire clients. Just like a certain ny photographer crowing about todd winning all the stake races on this past Saturday. She just had to crow about it. Well, I’ll tell you something ny photographer “s” …. I hate to break this to you … but, todd is the worst most prolific killer.

        • Bonnie, who knows how many horses valued at over $100,000 were insured and subsequently injured by training and racing leading to the horse suffering in excruciatingly unspeakable pain FOR THREE DAYS (or some such length of time) while the owners, the veterinarians, the insurance company representatives and whoever else involved file, investigate, and eventually decide if their claim is “valid” enough to be payable to the connections of the fatally injured horse? How many times has Todd Pletcher collected insurance money on a dead racehorse under his “care” and training? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

      • Two points, Alan: One, NY has more harness tracks (7) than any other state; and two, the reporting to and from the racing commission is better.

        • Reporting is is big thing. I would be interested in number of races/starters compared to other states. That’s hard to find. I can’t even find number of race days granted.

  2. The abuse continues and the deaths add up. I cannot imagine the lonely sad deaths they endure.

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