3-Year-Old Action for Autism Killed at Alameda County Fair

According to the chart, in the 9th race at Pleasanton (Alameda County Fair) Saturday, Action for Autism “lost action, was pulled up” and eventually “vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, the 3-year-old is dead. She is the second (confirmed) kill at Pleasanton in only eight days of racing (not including yesterday). Somehow this is acceptable, California? Horseracing is animal exploitation. Horseracing is animal cruelty. Horseracing is animal killing. Horseracing must end.

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  1. Ugh. I’m pretty sure this is the UNSAFEST fair meet the CHRB has ever “regulated.”
    In addition to the two kills mentioned here, the Alameda County Fair — in oh-so-pleasant Pleasanton, California — ALSO hosted the horrific fall/van-off of Smokinhotredhead on the second day of this year’s fun-for-the-whole-family horse racing horror show. Dead or alive? Don’t bother to ask the super-safety-conscious CHRB; she’s still on their (highly-accurate, uber-transparent) Vet’s List as “UNSOUND.” In other words, your guess is as good as mine.
    Oh, and as if this hasn’t been enough wholesome, fun and exciting carnage, the fine folks at the Fair ALSO can lay claim to not one, but TWO additional Training Fatalities. (Awfully kind of them to host these two thoroughbreds’ breakdowns during morning training, rather than the actual Fair racing hours during which little kids can experience racing’s gruesome reality, isn’t it?)
    But, worst of all: It ain’t even over yet. Another week of carnage still to come, CHRB style:(

  2. If California residents only knew how much money it cost to run these fairs they would be shocked.
    The fairs are all supported by California taxpayers and they are rarely profitable.
    Back around 2005 there was a proposal on the table to end the fairs and review better use of the public grounds.
    Yet, they are still running and the races are filled with racehorses who have more than earned a soft landing only to be recycled for more abuse.
    By the time a racehorse dwindles down into the fair circuit they are sore and/or crippled most likely.
    Squeeze the lemon dry is the mentality in horse racing until they drop dead or get claimed again.

  3. Horseracing must be out to an end. The cruelty to the horses is a horrible tragedy!

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