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In the 7th at Ruidoso, 3-year-old Apolitical Eagle “went wrong” and was “vanned off” – terminology that almost always means dead. (I will confirm.) But there was more fun to be had there: No fewer than 20 horses exchanged “bumps,” with many getting it from “both sides,” and at least one who was “bumped repeatedly.”

In the 8th at Pleasanton, 3-year-old Silver Affair, says the chartwriter, hit the gate, then ran “erratically” before coming in last, some 22 lengths back.

And finally, in the 7th at Delta, Power Up “bled” and was “vanned off” after finishing third. However: The 2-year-old filly was disqualified “for interference in late stretch” – interference, that is, as she was bleeding from her lungs by way of her nostrils.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Often ridden like dodgem cars. Bumps in stewards’ reports are referred to as being ‘brushed’ by another. When it’s a serious bump, it’s referred to as ‘came into contact’ with another and when horse suffers serious injury it’s referred to as ‘there was a collision between…’ you know, this incident couldn’t be helped. The industry refers to this abuse of the horses as ‘careless riding’ when a rider is brought before the stewards after an obvious potentially lethal or lethal incident occurred during a race. The indisputable fact is that it is reckless, negligent and abusive riding. ‘Careless’ oh please. Riders are never found to be guilty of causing the death of a horse. One case in Australia when horse died in a race as the result of a ‘careless riding’ incident found the rider at fault in this and that without categorically stating that he caused the horse’s death. High profile rider showed no remorse.
    There was a racehorse called Battleground – aptly named. These horses often get knocked about during a race which can result in injuries and worse – they can lose their balance and when this occurs whilst galloping at high speed it is lethal and when they go down it’s usually the shoulder that’s fractured and horse euthanased. Horses clipping heels is most common in a race. Terrifying for them. Often riders get a thrill out of it, they try to outdo one another and love the tactics. The welfare of the terrorised horse is not a consideration, they couldn’t give a damn.

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