11-Year-Old To Be Raced for 118th Time Monday

The unconscionable abuse of Fox Rox (previous posts here) is set to resume Monday, the Fourth, at Presque Isle. It will be the 11-year-old’s 118th time under the whip.

Presque Isle racing office: 866-374-3386 (option 2)

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  1. This game of playing Russian Roulette with the lives of horses will eventually kill this horse, FOX ROX, as it has thousands of other horses.

  2. There are the abusers of Fox Rox and the enablers of the abuse.
    There is only one hope to stop him from running on Monday and that’s the state vet who conducts the pre-race exam.
    He has the power to scratch him because his exploiters sure as hell won’t.
    You can pretty much safely assume that this poor gelding has been “patched” up to make him run.
    We will never know the hundreds of needles that have gone in and out of his joints, muscles and veins to mask, most likely, serious pre-existing conditions.
    That’s because horse racing doesn’t provide the PRIVATE vet treatment records and even the state vet doesn’t know because the system is deliberately set-up that way.
    There’s no way that this racehorse is issue-free after the long term stress and pressure on his physical, emotional and mental being.
    He’s now a pinata and has been for a long time with every single wallop of the whip opening up yet another wound in some capacity.
    It’s deeply disturbing, heartbreaking and calls us to action yet again.

    • This statement of yours, Gina, rings so true (“we will never know the hundreds of needles that have gone in and out of his [joints, muscles, veins]”) and here is a racehorse who’s a perfect example of that – the NY-bred Lady Joyfull who was raced 125 times in New York, Florida and finally Puerto Rico. Recently saved from racing, this; “[Lady Joyfull] has been injected so many times the vein on her left neck is unusable, the vein on her right neck has about an inch and a half of “usable” vein, and she is petrified of needles”. And of course, this poor mare who made money for her exploiters time and time again, is now begging for donations to fund what will hopefully be her recovery.

    • The forecast for Presque Isle Downs on Monday, July 4th, 2022 is 75°F and sunny. That sounds like a picnic for the people to carry on their insensitive show of dominance and indifference to the horses. I think it is still going to be hot for the horses, since they are deprived of water and most likely doped up with drugs that further dehydrate their abused and routinely tortured bodies. I expect that the horses will suffer from dehydration and overexertion, not to mention the noise from fireworks.

  3. Made a call this morning. I was on speaker phone with the stewards. We shall see what happens. No excuse for racing an 11 year old horse 118 times. I hope I did some good.

  4. I just checked Presque racecard to see if he is scratched from race 3. Actually,he is the power player selection with a little green check mark.This is not a good sign for a scratch. Just a little over 2 hours til the bell goes off for this race.

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