“Fractious” in Gate, Fell During Race, “Vanned Off”

According to the chart, Bootdaddy Justice fell and was “vanned off” in the 5th at Horseshoe (the rechristened Indiana Grand) yesterday. While the chart did not make mention of it, the announcer relayed that Bootdaddy was “fractious” while being loaded. Perhaps he was already injured/sick/compromised? (Since Horseshoe is one of those tracks that gives nothing up, confirmation will have to wait till my FOIA.)

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  1. From our viewing of the video Boot Daddy Justice did not clip heels! Something else happened. Wish we could see the head view like in the beginning. So glad we left this business in 2005 where we used to gallop poor worn out geldings & mares who were only 5!

  2. There needs to be a FEDERAL LAW … No gambling using animals!!! EVER …. PERIOD, end of sad saga

  3. The number 5 horse, HIGHCOTTON JUSTICE, was determined by the stewards to have put pressure on the horses to the inside causing the “spill” and they DISQUALIFIED him placing him last. The same breeder is listed for both BOOTDADDY JUSTICE and HIGHCOTTON JUSTICE — Justice Farm, Greg Justice.
    What irony! There is no justice for the horses.

  4. Wed nite at penn 12yr old hymns sylvia ran in 2nd race why is he still racing please retire him before hebreaks down i hope that was his last race

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