2-Year-Old Dies at Saratoga

Supernova, the Gaming Commission says, died from, or was euthanized for, “apparent peritonitis” at Saratoga Wednesday. The death, it should be noted, came just two days after a training session. Supernova was two years old and being prepped for his debut.

This is horseracing.


  1. Every human being involved in this horrendous ABUSE, BRUTALITY and CRUELTY to horses SHOULD be punished by law according to their degree of participation in this egregious cruelty to horses!
    TRUE HORSEMANSHIP skills are non-existent in this industry of exploiting horses for money. The government must STOP bankrolling this horrendous ABUSE and NEGLECT OF HORSES!!!!!!

  2. And now again, NO ONE that is supposed to be true horsemen and love like family noticed any symptoms or that the poor horse was suffering. TOO LATE TO SAVE OR FIX. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. And another thing come to think of it…Saratoga prime venue for livelihood from horses and access to top notch medical facilities. Plenty of dough floating around up there too to afford quality care for their animals.

    • Quality care is absent from the fundamentally and inherently WRONG CHOICE of forcing young, UNDERDEVELOPED colts and fillies to perform as though they were full-grown, adult horses.
      Quality care is not a consideration when the RACETRACK owners and operators want to fill out a race card.
      Quality care is not a high priority when veterinarians choose to make money off of horses that are ROUTINELY abused, neglected and injured by the owners, trainers and jockeys.
      Quality care is absent when the track vets are paid to pass horses that have pre-existing conditions that dictate a catastrophic breakdown will occur the next time the horse is forced to RUN.
      But, I understand what you mean, Nancy.
      Horseracing itself is not the example of quality care.
      Horseracing itself is the example of ROUTINELY ABUSING HORSES for purse money, wagering, tax write-offs, corporate welfare, etc.
      Horseracing itself is for morally depraved people who are interested in what the horses can do for them, NOT WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR THE HORSES.

  4. Just read about thoroughbred racing association (nyra) opened a new office in DC, to lobby for a** h**e racing of horses. Please I beg of all of you horse advocates … make your voices HEARD!!!!! Make calls to your state’s congress representative in DC 🙏 PLEASE, be the horses VOICE. Don’t let this happen.

    • To be clear it’s (ntra) national thoroughbred racing association , not nyra.

  5. The lobbyist ntra hired is Jordan Bonfitto. Don’t let ntra get away with their evil.

      • Wanda, it shows you how insecure and threatened ntra feels that they are opening office in DC. ntra is on the WRONG side of history. Lobbyists suck

  6. Just a reminder that when a racehorse dies on a track BEFORE it’s first race, as in this case with SUPERNOVA, the tracks don’t release the name(s) of the owner and/or trainer.
    So I reviewed the sales records of SUPERNOVA and this colt was purchased by GARGAN RACING and who is that?
    Well, Gargan racing is NY circuit Trainer Danny Gargan who was found guilty by a federal court and ordered to pay a total of $132,631 in back wages to 52 grooms and hot walkers. The site of these wage theft violations was Belmont and Aqueduct for “failure to pay workers the overtime wages they earned.”
    Gargan Racing under Danny Gargan was found to falsify payroll records by showing that they were paying their stable workers their hourly wage under NY Labor laws, but were really paying them a “fee per horse handling,” which resulted in lots of overtime hours that they were never paid.
    Essentially, money that stable workers earned and were owed were denied to them just like they don’t give the racehorses their earnings for a safe retirement, instead, dumping them at kill auctions.
    Now SUPERNOVA was purchased for $150,000 about 9 months ago at Keeneland with an equine insurance policy most likely in place.
    He had to pay out his $132,631 judgment recently, according to court documents….hmmmm, does anybody see a connection here like I do?
    Just want to disclose that I’m not certain whose care, custody and control SUPERNOVA was under at the time of his death since they don’t release names before a race, but rumor has it that it was Danny Gargan.
    Isn’t is so convenient that this racehorse died without outsiders knowing who was on record and when there’s less scrutiny during training hours?
    So many pieces coming together like a puzzle don’t you think?
    After all, this is horse racing.

    • Thank you Gina, I still want to know what that danny gargan did to Afleet Brody? What did you do danny? Where is he danny?

  7. Horseracing must be ended as they are subjected to too much abuse and neglect.

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