“Injured After Wire” (and After “Winning”), Probably Dead

In the 3rd at Delta yesterday, The Geauxt “proved best” (won), but then was “injured after wire and vanned off” – a phrasing that almost always portends death.


  1. THE GEAUXT, a Louisiana-bred Quarter Horse Gelding born March 7, 2019 earned $36,960 in a total of 11 races; 8 in 2021 as a two-year-old and 3 races in 2022. I think he will be “discarded” or disposed of after this apparent breaking of a bone or two in his right front.

    • Urgh💔 I didn’t even realize he was a quarter horse, not that changes anything. They’re either purposely good at hiding his status or I just stink at finding it.

  2. These quarter horse races going that short distance at record breaking speed is right down there with the Steeplechase races. Good all you participants.Glad The Geauxt came in first and crossed the finish making some cheap beer cash for you paying with his life.

    • Human beings forcing yearlings and two-year-olds to run faster and farther than they ever would on their own is outrageous ABUSE of colts and fillies. It all needs to be banned!!!!! The morally depraved people who are involved in this egregious show of indifference to the horses belong in prison!!!!! It’s all disgusting!

  3. What is important to these people is the horse,The Geauxt, made some money for them and now he can’t.
    He will be euthanized, if he is lucky, if not he will will wind up on the slaughter-bound truck.

  4. Again – those damn subsidies keep all tracks in LA going.
    Like the other states, LA horse racing is kept going with hundreds of millions of subsidies that was supposed to be going to education and community essential services.
    Instead it supports an industry that abuses and kills racehorses like The Geauxt.

  5. I would love to know the names of the millionaires and billionaires didn’t make all the money off of these poor horses. All this is greed and he needs to stop now

  6. Poor horse was DQ in his 2/2022 win due to a positive drug test. More than likely running injured and sore, and he is only a three year old.

    • Gosh! Owners/trainers should be banned from racing him(others) anymore due to drug use. Unbelievable

  7. As we know, the American Quarter Horse Association is pro horse slaughter. Also, the majority of horses shipped to slaughter are Quarter Horses and quarter horse types.
    The association is dedicated to improving the breed, according the mission statement, but breeding is so prolific thousands upon thousands are slaughtered year after year.
    This is a good example of human arrogance, lack of compassion, and the worst of human qualities – exploitation of the voiceless/helpless.

    • The following is an advertisement on the internet at the end of the PR article about Bob Baffert (being suspended for 365 days):

      “The Jockey Club” — Dedicated to the improvement of Thoroughbred breeding and racing.

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