A Gruesome Kill at Canterbury

The 5th at Canterbury yesterday for Malintent: “suffered an apparent catastrophic injury approaching the 3/16 marker while falling to the track and was vanned off.” Dead, I have confirmed. In that same race, Hpnotiq Rhythm “hit [his] fallen rival,” fell himself – but “was collected and walked off the course” (perhaps because the “van” was already occupied?). Incidentally, just two races back, May 7 at Oaklawn, the 3-year-old Malintent was similarly “vanned off” (after being “rank while attempting to pull up into the turn”). His abusers: Todd Veerhusen, Ronald Westermann.


  1. According to the track announcer, “..we had one horse go down…” but the video and audio are cut off so the second horse that could not avoid tripping over the downed horse was not acknowledged in this video.
    This morally depraved ABUSE of horses needs to be banned and the sooner, the better!!!!!!!

  2. Someone on twitter tweeted that “Hypontiq Rhythm was smashed by the rear legs”, I’m assuming that being Malintent”s rear legs.
    How is this ok?? And how depraved do you have to be to post that?

    • MALINTENT was born on May 11, 2019. HPNOTIQ RHYTHM was born on May 30, 2018.
      In this race, MALINTENT did a face plant into the dirt and a somersault from the momentum. HPNOTIQ RHYTHM attempted to avoid the downed horse, but in the video it looks like HPNOTIQ RHYTHM is attempting to do a stop resembling that of a sliding stop that Quarter Horses do in the AQHA Reining classes. Of course, it is not exactly the same thing, but what I mean is that the hind legs of HPNOTIQ RHYTHM are bent at the hocks and covered from view by the dirt. The video above cuts off so that is all that is visible.
      The chart says he, HPNOTIQ RHYTHM, dislodged his rider and was collected after the race and was walked off the course.

  3. What is WRONG with the evil scumbags who want this bullshit to continue????? Really …. what is wrong with you?

  4. I totally agree with Wanda Diamond, Bonnie, and all the other comments. These people who allow this horror to happen to a horse are depraved. This is so horrible. The racing of horses must be ended as soon as possible!

  5. And, as always, the (highly-journalistic, super-credible, fact-seeking) RACING PRESS will have to grudgingly acknowledge poor Malintent’s on-track death. Why? Because a jockey was seriously injured in this fatal CRASH. (The pros (haha) will call it an “incident” or a “spill,” but since they’re the ones who refuse to document all the carnage they witness day after day, I’m gonna go ahead and call it what it is.)
    Anyway, if no such human injury had occurred here, I’m fairly confident racing “reporters” wouldn’t feel the need to mention a word about their equine victim following his van-off.

    …But, don’t worry, professional “Sports”writers: soon, you’ll be returning to your comfortable ways of failing to mention 95 percent of all racehorse killings. Won’t that be nice?

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