A Pair of 3-Year-Olds Dead in California

Dead in California:

Cool Acclaim, leg fracture training in Sacramento yesterday. Cool was three years old.

Resurrected Noble, laminitis at Golden Gate Friday. Resurrected, also just three, was coming off his first race – a race in which he was sold.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Sigh. California’s Dead Racehorse (Non-)Counting System is a pure fraud. The CHRB loooooves to use its patented, top secret “methodology” (haha) for determining which kills are publicly admitted — and which are not, thanks to the reporting loopholes and exclusions it so generously provides. Too bad for the connections of these latest two published victims that they’re apparently not connected enough to have kept their own horses off this (baseline) list.

    Meanwhile, CHRB officials are still celebrating a “reduction” in equine deaths — even as they run fewer horses, in fewer races, on fewer race days, at fewer death tracks than ever before in their prolific horse-killing history.
    (Nobody in Cali racing has the heart to tell ’em that the only reason they’re killing fewer horses is that there’s fewer horses available for them to kill.)

    • It was in July 2021 when Ed Allred eliminated the Friday night race card at Los Alamitos due to a “shortage” of older (older than two years old) cheap claiming Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses.


    • And where’d you ever get the idea that our society is civilized and evolved? When we’re not killing horses (not to mention all kinds of other animals), we’re shooting school children and each other and destroying the planet in myriad ways. The evils and abuse in horse racing is only one example of humanity’s total LACK of ethics and morals.

  3. All of the people engaging in this CRUELTY to horses should be arrested and put in jail for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY. Horseracing is a man-made disaster and a blight on society. Ban Horseracing!

  4. Every single day in usa, there’s a horse suffering being kept prisoner in a dark dank cobweb filled tiny stall. It’s pure evil. One can only come to one conclusion …. usa, is not a kind country. Is usa better than this,apparently not. May the humans doing this most pure evil sin rot.

    • Literally thousands of horses are being kept in box stalls for 23 hours a day. This is ABUSE!!!! The people who are routinely ABUSING and neglecting the horses in this way should be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty. The same goes for roadside “zoos” owned by people who are just exploiting the animals for money. These people are not innocent!!!!! This confinement of horses and other animals to small spaces is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! It needs to be recognized by law that this is ABUSE of horses and other animals and must be punishable by law.

    • This needs to stop!!!!!! These race horses are just babies. They are ruin the growth of their bodies, by running them around the track every day.The people in the race horsing industries should be taught a lesson. All this other horse shit should stop with the rounding up and slaughtering the mustangs for human consumption. Plus the beef company want all the land for there cattle. They want all the horses off the land.The cattle ruin the land, not the horses. Also the industries that use Tennessee walking horses are abused . They put acid on the horses legs near the hoofs, plus chains, and big wooden blocks on their hoofs, just to make the horse lift his front legs up high, and all the pressure on their back legs.This show is called the Big Lick. The horses are young.

      • When is usa gonna make the choice to be a KIND nation ????? Savior cannot come soon enough for the horses 😭.

      • One of the things they do to the Big Lick Tennessee Walkers is that they tie them to cross ties inside the barn and with a saddle and “rider” on the horse’s back, a “man” will be standing on the ground in front of the horse and use an electric cattle prod to shock the horse in the front to get the horse to stand on his/her hind legs so the front hooves are not even touching the ground. This is part of the egregiously CRUEL way they force the horse to put the majority of his/her weight on the hindquarters. I saw this in an undercover video.
        Racehorses are shocked in various ways also. A so-called trainer and/or the jockey will shock a horse to force the horse to jump out of the starting gate faster (especially Quarter Horses) and a “rider” will shock the horse with a buzzer to allegedly cause the horse to run faster. As far as the shock wave “therapy” goes, it’s a form of torture as far as I am concerned. Scott Blasi, assistant to Steve Asmussen, made some remarks in an undercover video about how much it hurts and how much the horses can take. Horses are definitely abused!!! I also wonder how many of the horses that are reported as a “Sudden Death” or “found dead in stall” were shocked with an overwhelming amount of electrical current…???
        By the way, back in 1987, I had to have therapy as part of my recuperating from a broken 4th vertebra and spased-out muscles. Part of this was by a doctor that said he went to a weekend workshop to learn about this “new” kind of treatment/therapy. I can’t remember exactly everything he said about it but one thing was that it was supposed to trick your brain so you didn’t know you were being shocked. Well, guess what! My brain was NOT TRICKED!!!!! All I could do is lay there face down and freaking cry without making a sound!!! At some point, the doctor realized what was going on, that I was being shocked, and stopped the so-called “treatment” and was upset about what he had done. He never used it on me ever again.

  5. Even if usa ended this corny evil today …. it still wouldn’t make amends for the animal torture and killing they have done for decades. humans … the most violent destructive force EVER! Give me an animal any day over people. Too many innocent souls have died for this unadulterated GREED!

    • Bob Baffert ….30 million est. wealth. No chin Todd Pletcher .. 12 million est. wealth. Do these two so called “men” deserve to have this kind’ve estimated wealth? I think you know the answer. I know MEN who worked REAL jobs.

  6. So sad these beautiful animals are used for so called Sport , really it’s for humans to exploit other species to make money. The animals once they are no longer making cash are killed , Not Ok. End Animal Torture, and Animal Slavery!!!

  7. Horse racing is one brutal example of the dismal depths to which humanity has sunk in its disregard of animals.

  8. HORSERACING — Only 3 years old — DEAD — It’s so heartbreaking — that such horror continues to our HORSES day in & day out while People are shouting from rooftops to STOP — this evil MUST END —

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