Scratched – Because She Was Dead

3-year-old Miss Yum Yum was scratched by the track vet just prior to the 6th at Delaware Park Saturday. The reason: She was dead. From the Stewards’ Report:

“Miss Yum Yum was injured in the paddock and was euthanized. The horse ambulance was summoned to the paddock. The four-horse field was allowed to go to the track to get away from the incident to warm up…. Once everyone was in place the riders remounted and loaded in the gate.”

Cancel the rest of the card? Cancel at least that race? Heck, a moment of silence? Please. There is no better illustration of the lie of “sport,” “athlete,” “like members of the family” than this. Shoot-’em-up, drag-’em-off, show goes on – this is horseracing.

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  1. Did they think the horse was trying to tell them something??? The show must go on…how true in this lousy travesty.

  2. How was she “injured in the paddock ? “This isn’t a good enough explanation of why a three year old horse is euthanized

  3. This is one example among many examples of how the so-called Sport of Kings operates. This is one example of how, by all means, the show of indifference to the horses must go on! It is not about the horses as sentient beings. It is about animals that can be easily exploited for human entertainment and gambling AND SLAUGHTER if not killed before they can be shipped to slaughterhouses to be exploited for their meat.
    This is not a sport in the socially acceptable sense of the word. It is an animal ABUSING and KILLING BUSINESS. It can’t support itself financially, so by all means demand that the government keep it PROPPED up with taxpayer dollars.
    The time for this propping up TO BE ENDED is past due!!!! STOP funding these criminal activities!!!! STOP subsidizing the ABUSE, BRUTALITY, & CRUELTY to horses!!!!!

  4. Ho Hum! In racing this is just one more dead horse, an every day occurrence.
    Horses dropping dead all over the place, found dead in the stall, snapping legs, backs and necks it doesn’t matter the show will go on without missing a beat.

  5. Something I thought about the other day…I have been told by pro race trackers that these horses love to race, they are born and bred to run but at the same time, they lock them in a box 23 hours a day. I am losing faith in the human race with their inability to see logic. “Common sense is not all that common”

    • Right on, Katie. When that same thing (“they love to race!”) is said to me by those defending the multi-billion dollar gambling industry of horseracing, I reply; “Well then LET them! – and FYI, horses running of their own choosing in their own pastures with their own herds is NOTHING like the running horses are made to do in a human-designed race.”

      Yes, racehorses were bred to race – because some human decided to “make” another horse to be used in the industry for the purpose of padding their own bank account…the HUMAN made the choice, not the horse (there are dogs bred to fight, too…).

      • Joy, the most sinister part of it is denying herd animals contact and interactions that are crucial as breathing for extremely social animals.

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