“Sudden Death” at Los Alamitos

The CHRB has disclosed the death of Untuckit yesterday at Los Alamitos – “sudden death.” Untuckit was just four years old.

This is horseracing.


  1. Why did they admit to this death? I assume that this happened where too many people saw this tragedy for the CHRB to get away with not disclosing this tragic death of UNTUCKIT.

    • Right? The fine folks at the highly-credible, super-transparent, equine-life-saving CHRB are the absolute Masters of Dead Horse Hiding. They have to be, ever since Santa Anita suddenly started making headlines for killing the same number of horses they’d always killed. So, the Board has resorted to using every single EXCLUSION they can find in order to keep their “official” Fatalities List as short as possible. Too bad they’re getting stuck with all these Sudden Deaths that young racehorses seem to find so popular these days; it’s hard to hide a death when the victim keels over in front of a crowd…

      (But, if there’s anyone who could manage to do it successfully, I have full faith that Ol’ Doc Allred and his trusty sidekick, Scott Chaney, could pull it off.)

  2. Alarmingly high number of sudden deaths in this business. Why?!
    The apologists are fond of comparing horse breakdowns to paddock and pasture accidents which is ridiculous. I wonder what the comparison of their choice would be for so many young horses just dropping dead?

    • Rose these bunch of lazy losers just see these horses as some kinda way to make money without having to get an education or do work.

    • Right, Rose, as if we should be gathering data on the difference. Ha! What a cruel, cruel joke. They make themselves despicable by suggesting that they are doing the horses a favor and that it is someone else’s responsibility to come up with comparative data. (Clark Brewster for example.)

  3. I have never heard of a ‘ Sudden death before. A new one for me.It sounds as though it’s a cover up.

    • Linda, the whole corny thing is bs. It’s ALL evil animal abuse, and shut the whole thing down.

      • Agree Bonnie- its all very corny – totally OLD WORLD this is 2022 people – any “sport” that involves animals should be banned

    • Linda, there have been several horses that have been reported as dead due to “sudden death” and MEDINA SPIRIT was one horse among several others. It seems to happen in racehorses a lot. I suspect that it is mostly due to being doped (with a drug that doesn’t show up in the necropsy) and then forced to do a 4 or 5 furlong workout leading to an exercise-induced cardiac arrest. Other causes could be involved such as diseases, infections, tumors, electric shock, etc.

  4. There’s only 1 reason why a racehorse drops dead: horse racing.
    Horse racing with its daily abusive business practices starts slowly killing a racehorse from the day it enters a stall for training and racing.
    When it comes to claiming, the claiming parasites are like a tag team “you’re it” now grind them into the ground while you squeeze every last cent you can out of them.
    Racehorses like CHRIS AND DAVE this 9 y.o gelding has earned over $847,000 and they are still pounding him into the ground whether it was Linda Rice (the parasite Queen) or now Jeffrey Englehart (flat out racehorse killer) who is really good at finishing them off and probably claims them on bloodstock insurance.
    How about HAMMERIN AAMER? This 8 y.o gelding has earned over $541,000 and Linda Rice is doing a good job at running him into the ground like a good Parasite Queen does.
    How about BRONX BOMBER? This 6 y.o gelding earned over $351,000 and Linda Rice is…you know.
    JEMOGRPAHY This 6 y.o gelding earned over $382,000 and yours truly, Linda Rice, probably has these geldings in her bloodstock portfolio and some potential nefarious things going on there.
    There are many more, but there’s no amount of money that these racehorses can earn to secure a soft landing in the light of billions in wagering profits, billions in sales profits and millions in taxpayers money and casino profits.
    This business is a deeply corrupt gambling racket that uses, abuses and tosses around racehorses like disposable gambling chips and politicians can’t justify supporting it with one cent of public money.

  5. Wake-up California residents to another issue in horse racing: environmental.
    Unprecedented droughts has forced California into a “severe water restriction” schedule according to Gov. Newsom.
    History: back around 2005/6 a group of us pushed hard to convert dirt tracks to synthetic, but horse racing didn’t like it one bit because these people refuse to change and live in the dark ages.
    Horse racing, true to form, got rid of RIchard Shapiro then head of the CHRB because he mandated synthetic tracks,
    Back in 2006 Del Mar had 15 racehorse fatalities in just 6 weeks which I was recording, Arlington Park 22 racehorses at one meet, and countless other tracks with extensive death records.
    Folks, this has been going on for YEARS, and nothing has changed nor will it.
    As soon as horse racing got rid of Shapiro they got rid of the synthetic tracks and went back to dirt.
    Dirt tracks require thousands of gallons of water EVERY SINGLE DAY and racehorses require thousands of gallons of water because of their induced artificial and unhealthy confined stall environment.
    Horse racing doesn’t care about the racehorses just like they don’t care about our communities whether its robbing our public coffers, casino profits or precious resources like water.
    I’m pretty sure, unless it’s changed, that Stronach et al was getting their water bills paid for by taxpayers as part of their massive tax break deals cut in the back rooms with politicians at the time.
    Nevertheless, with water being such a critical precious resource one would have to ask: how in the hell can we justify thousands of gallons of water to a business that, not only kills racehorses, but is an unnecessary gambling venue?
    If California residents must make sacrifices for their essential needs why shouldn’t horse racing be shut down to save precious water?
    Moreover, with the heat of the summer those dirt tracks require DOUBLE the amount of water.

    • Horseracing is a blight on society. The environmental part of it is one part among many parts of this whole socially unacceptable industry that basically robs from the poor to give to the rich in more ways than one!

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