One Day After the Stakes, 3-Year-Old “Collapses and Dies” at Belmont

One day after the Stakes, Badgerville, says the Gaming Commission, “collapsed and died after breezing three furlongs on the Belmont training track.” That’s “collapsed and died” at the age of three – an equine pubescent. And that, folks, is why we protest. (In addition to the ongoing filming of a major documentary, we did three interviews Saturday: NBC, CBS, Long Island Herald.)


  1. Thank you Patrick, it’s WAY past time for this pure evil to go in the dust pile of history. These beautiful horses are dying for NOTHING, no reason at all.

  2. Two of the images above stand out for me personally:
    1) the women wearing the wide-brimmed hats, dresses with VERY low-cut necklines (what necklines!!!!?) and VERY high hemlines as they walk by the protesters who are holding signs, and
    2) the young woman protester and the sign she is holding with the picture of one horse after being killed in a slaughterhouse, which is what happens to thousands of equines bred for racing, with the caption: NOT A PARTY.
    Thank you all for being there for the horses!!!!!

    • What slaughterhouse is this? I thought all horse slaughterhouses were shut down in the US? I know that they are sold overseas or perhaps to Canada or Mexico and then slaughtered?

      • Deborah, I just know that it is a slaughterhouse, but I don’t know which one or where it is. I don’t know the name of the horse that is lying down from being I’m assuming bolted to the forehead. I don’t know who took the picture and I don’t know how Horseracing Wrongs got the picture for the poster. Patrick might know.
        You’re correct in that HORSES cannot be slaughtered legally in the USA. Horses are shipped from the USA to foreign countries including Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered in slaughterhouses in those countries. Killbuyers in the USA buy horses to fill contracts and the horses are tagged and chipped with United States Department of Agriculture tags or stickers with the identification number and I have heard that the horses are microchipped to identify them as being intended for slaughter.

        • Deborah, at the bottom of the picture it says, “IMAGE CREDIT: HUMANE FARMING ASSOCIATION” in case you didn’t see that.

          • Yes, I did notice that, and thank you for your responses. I just wanted to make sure that somehow after all this time some slaughterhouse was not up and running again in the US and open to horses!

      • Deborah, the slaughter of horses in United States slaughterhouses ceased on September 21, 2007. The number of horses shipped out of the USA to foreign countries for slaughter has NOT decreased.

      • It’s DISGUSTING that there’s even a discussion about slaughter houses. Quit breeding and quit the animal abuse. Most importantly QUIT breeding. Humans are disgusting creatures.

        • I agree that it’s horrible! It’s a problem that is not going to go away for as long as there are people that say and believe that horses go to waste if they’re not slaughtered for their meat. I hate to say that! It makes me sick, but it’s a fact that there are people who think this about horses.

  3. BADGERVILLE yet another victim of multiple doping violator and multiple racehorse killer Todd Pletcher.
    So that’s 2 in 9 days that we know of: RANGE WAR was sent across the pond from GB only to be killed (6/3/2022) under Pletcher’s custody at the ripe old age of 3 and now BADGERVILLE (6/12/2022)
    So the elephant question in the room as always: were they insured?
    We tried to find out if MEDINA SPIRIT was insured and we still have not been provided an answer although we are told that he was for millions.
    Horse racing never changes as they hide their dirty little secrets in the corner cobwebs of their stalls
    Kentucky Derby winning trainer Eric Reed, get this, had a mare that he was training and breezing for a race.
    The 3 y.o filly was sent out to breeze and, lo and behold. 2 days later had a foal in her stall.
    It was a surprise to everybody involved.
    Like are you f**king kidding me??
    Like hello – you don’t even know if your horse is pregnant and have this baby filly in full training?
    I know there’s no bottom when it comes to horse racing, but this takes the cake.

    • Did this filly give birth to a live foal that could stand and suckle? Or, was the foal born premature and discovered dead in the stall? Or what?

      • Born healthy, a big colt, according to their Twitter account.
        Tried everything they could to “get her weight off,” but couldn’t.
        You can’t make this stuff up.

        • That’s weird that the foal could be healthy especially if they tried to get her to lose weight — being idiots that they didn’t know she was pregnant. I wonder what kind of things they tried to get weight off. It sounds like they could have deprived her of adequate nutrition and calories necessary to produce a healthy foal. It’s bad for the fetus if the mother loses weight. In the case of pregnancy, it is complicated because while the mother could be losing weight out of her own body mass the foal could be gaining weight so how would morons that didn’t bother to have this filly vet-checked know the difference between the mother’s weight and the fetus’s weight…? Being uncaring idiots, they would not know the difference.

    • Surprised? Dumb as a box of rocks. I can spot a pregnant mare from 100 yards without putting my hands on it.

      • How many months or weeks along can you tell by sight only? Alan, I know you don’t have to wait until she’s 9 months pregnant to tell — I know that!!!!

          • Depends. But if she’s two days from foaling it’s pretty obvious no matter how old she is.

            • My dad raised beef cattle and Shetland ponies so I was able to learn about the difference between a four-legged female being pregnant or not by a certain point. At some point it’s obvious when they were pregnant. We didn’t get surprised, you know what I mean… I can’t imagine people who should know better not having the first clue. At the same time, they do horrible things to yearlings and two-year-olds that are no-brainer wrong things to do.

            • Thanks Alan.
              Absolutely – DITTO on this end.
              The fact that this filly survived her incredibly ignorant humans around her is a testament to her will to survive and her maternal instinct to take care of her foal.
              The majority of trainers that I directly witnessed did not have adequate horse knowledge and, by in large, followed insane traditional methods, that resulted in suffering, handed down like folklore.
              Since there is no neutral oversight these racehorses are on a wing and a prayer to make it out alive.
              This example, and many more, blows their horse racing babble of caring right out of the water.

              • Gina, I expect that someone will refer to this filly as “a machine” to excuse themselves from being the selfishly ignorant, uncaring, indifferent barbarians that they are.

              • Oh my god Gina. They frequently left me speechless with the stupid things they said about breeding. But, of course, they all think they know what they’re talking about.

        • Or 10 months or 11 months. Could this filly have carried a baby to term without the foal ever kicking?

      • Yes, thank you, Alan. And the DUMB is also all over the filly’s breeder/owner (Jackie A. Willoughby Jr. and Stephen M. Brown, according to the racing press) who put newly castrated colts with fillies/mares after only TWO WEEKS of the procedure. Two weeks. And these are “horse people”?!? Unbelievable.

  4. Thank you patrick – when is the documentary coming out? And also can you provide links from the other stories ?

    • Yeah, the fact that there’s a major documentary in the works about horse racing is the best news I’ve heard all day. Really looking forward to it — even though I’ll probably have to cover my eyes through most of the scenes.

      Still, all the creepy horse-abusers in this sick game are about to get even more hostile and defensive just from knowing such a film is in production. (They’re already feeling ostracized by the roll-out of the laughably-titled HISA. Now they’ll have to slither even deeper underground:)

      • Speaking of hostile, I can see in my mind’s eye the PETA undercover video of the man telling the person operating the video camera to get the **** out of here. Shut your camera off and get out. Leave now!!!! Hostile horse-abusing, horse-killing degenerates don’t need the public knowing what kind of “horseman” they really are at a West Virginia racetrack or any other racetrack. All horse racing tracks are deadly even though the New York tracks are said to be “less deadly” as if the money-grubbing so-called horsemen of the NYRA are proud of that.

  5. I would like the A**h**e veterinarians involved in this evil how do you live with yourselves? You are putting for the most part baby horses that should be living til 30 years …. or more to sleep. Listen to me you evil mf’n scumbags … I hope you’re happy how your pathetic lives ended up 🤮🤮🤮. All I can say is … you scumbags you.

  6. I’m very excited that you are working on a documentary! Film can reach and impact such a wide audience. I’m also happy that the major networks interviewed you at the protest. Well done everybody! Will you be at Saratoga? That is one track I can easily get to.

  7. Heartbreaking. I shouldn’t have watched it as it brings me to tears. How many more have to die?

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