A “Catastrophic Injury” Kill at Parx

The 7th at Parx yesterday: “Slew Tang Clan suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front leg near the far turn and was subsequently euthanized.” He was five; this was his 33rd race. Slew (below) was also “For Sale” prior to dying. Oh how they love ’em.


  1. To think, these horses have to trust these monsters that exploit them to literal death. Horseracing must be stopped.

  2. All horse tracks kill horses; it’s what they do. But, Parx…
    Oh, Parx: You disgusting four-letter obscenity. You will forever enjoy the distinct honor of being the worst of the worst, even after horse racing has been banished from the American landscape. Skimming the most from the good people of Pennsylvania? Only to KILL the most “beloved athletes”?
    It’s not even a contest. Poor Slew Tang Clan, that beautiful boy. He was doomed from the second these Parx monsters got their claws into him.

    • And to think Kelly … it could have been shut down, but for the majority in state legislature. I don’t think you’ll ever find a Governor like Tom Wolf, who was sooooo ready to pull the plug.

  3. The entire PA horse racing scene is supported with hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies.
    Horse racing lives off the public coffers and casino profits and it’s a damn shame that our politicians don’t end this gravy train.
    There is not one plausible reason to keep this corruption and killing show going.
    It’s the politicians who continues to keep this unjustified financial support going.
    So sad to realize that hundreds of racehorses dying is not enough to shut down this vile business.
    Can you imagine if SeaWorld had 6 orcas dying per day?
    It would be shut down over night.

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