Interview on Unchainedtv

I, along with our wonderful Arizona ally Gary Vella, appeared on Unchainedtv Tuesday. Thank you to Jane Velez-Mitchell and host Lindsey Baker for having us.

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  1. Jane Velez-Mitchell is awesome, she has been a long time animal rights activist. Gary and Jane, thank you both so much.

  2. Does anyone know how USA compares to Europe , as far as kills ON the track? I’ll bet our country is the WORST.

    • In the European countries, some of the horses could be hauled off to a slaughterhouse a lot quicker than they can be in the United States so it depends on the type and degree of injuries you are referring to, Bonnie. I think that racing people anywhere could keep it fairly quiet about where the fatally injured horse was taken. They DO KEEP IT a BIG MYSTERY in California that we know of. You know how some horses are kept alive and suffering from life-ending injuries for hours and days after the life-ending INJURIES take place ON the racetrack in the USA. Well, my opinion is that if it were back in the “good-old-days” when there were SLAUGHTERHOUSES operating in the USA, that we would still be in the dark being fed b***s*** because that’s how they roll.

  3. SHUT DOWN Horseracing — FOREVER — Horses cruelly DIE every day — what kind of SPORT is this?! — It is sick beyond words — SHUT DOWN Horseracing

  4. Great interview and exposure.
    The interview pointed out that dog and horse racing is one in the same only the victim is different.
    For years, groups like Y2K and Gary Vella exposed the horrific facts, but it was ending the casino subsidies (AKA racino model) that finally ended this industry and the same blueprint will end horse racing.
    It’s a symbiotic relationship.

    • I’ve read articles online about Greyhound racing and snake charming that outlined the same basic key points of how horses are exploited, abused and killed for racing. All of the key points are the same. The words “horse” and “dog” could easily be switched one for the other and it’s the same for snake charming. It was eye-opening for me because I didn’t know how badly the so-called snake charmers abuse the snakes for human entertainment and money.

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