Animal Abuse at Sam Houston Race Park

A slew of equine children were forced into the gate at Sam Houston (Texas) yesterday. Here is how some fared:

Flyin Rusty “bumped hard”
Handsom Devon “bumped hard”
Im Bigtime Southern “bumped hard, knocked sideways”
CaptainJack “bumped hard, knocked sideways”
Cat Binford “bumped hard”
Lunatic Boy “bumped hard”
El Lucero de Luna “bumped both sides, pinballed”
Chicks Corona Jmg “bumped both sides”
Hnkm to Leave “bumped both sides”
Big Heart “fractious in gate”
Rm Lethal Cartel “unruly in gate”
Quick Pilot “fractious in gate”
I Am Coronado “bobbled, bumped off stride”
P Y Dynasty “bumped both sides”
Veep “bumped hard”
She Flys Bye You “bumped hard, knocked sideways”
Good Reason Jess “pinballed at start”
Musketeer “pinballed at start”

As if not enough, two others – Wl Mylipshurtrealbad and Lota Thunder – “bled” (from lungs, that is) and were “vanned off.” And finally, 7 of the 10 races were “maiden,” meaning none of the horses had ever “won,” and most of those “claiming,” meaning all were “For Sale.” Is this what is to pass for entertainment in the 21st Century, America?

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  1. What is this country coming to? Makes my heart break. People STOP BETTING…STOP GOING!!

  2. This GETTING BUMPED AROUND AND PINBALLED sounds very predictable for a “Baby race” of 2-YEAR-OLDS.
    The people — the so-called horse people — who engage in this act of ABUSE to horses using the excuse of “being steeped in tradition” is no excuse for allowing this CRUELTY to horses to continue.
    *Just because you’re a die-hard animal abuser and you don’t see anything wrong with it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything wrong with it.*

  3. Disgusting! If only those who call themselves racing fans and horse-lovers could see your website. They give these noble animals such demeaning names and treat them like they are inanimate objects, rather than flesh, blood and bone living creatures. Racing is a dying activity. I only wish we could bury it and never see its likes again.

  4. That is why I finally couldn’t take being a veterinary technician anymore. The things I saw still give me nightmares. People treat animals of all stripes (dogs and cats too) as if they have no more ability to feel pain or to have emotions than a chair. It’s really horrid and the inhumanity just goes on and on.

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