Flipped, Dead at Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes yesterday: “Starship Boardwalk flipped over in the walker and sustained possible fractured spine” – euthanized. Starship was four years old and being prepped for her first race. She is the 42nd dead horse at a NY track this year.


  1. Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack sounds like a ghetto where horses are kept as slaves to be abused and routinely tortured until they are killed by their owners and trainers. People need to know what they are supporting when they spend money at this hellhole for horses. The public needs to know.

  2. Often, people tie the horses out on the hot walkers and leave them to just mindlessly walk in circles while they go do other tasks.
    I wonder how long this poor horse was on that hot walker getting antsy, or already flipped, before someone noticed and stopped it?

    • My thoughts also, Marie.
      Anything goes when it comes to the horses.
      I bet there are no rules like there should be someone present when a hot walker is operating. There are no rules to protect the horse because it would cut into profits.

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