Video of Boca Kitten’s Death at Belmont

A few days ago, I reported on the death of Boca Kitten at Belmont. The chart read: “went wrong and was pulled up while being struck by a foe.” Here is how that looked:


    • Paying for it cause people are not too bright, and also because they don’t care about ANYTHING … other than their lazy self’s being comfortable and not have to do much.

  1. There are people that absolutely do not care that horses get hurt. The morally depraved degenerates of our society don’t even care one bit that horses are routinely abused, injured and killed by and for this racing-industry-that-demands-corporate-welfare. I’m grateful for the people who do care and who want to do what they can to help put an end to the government subsidies and government-directed benefits!!!!!

    • It’s true – there are people who don’t care. But I’m sure even the heartless can think of a better way to spend govt $$$ why in the WORLD is horse racing bailed out by the govt ?? I could think of a million other things but education obviously being number one😡

  2. Horse racing is a deeply corrupt killing business that is financially supported by taxpayers and endorsed by our elected politicians.
    Their never ending subsidies and tax breaks ensures that racehorses like BOCA KITTEN pay the price.
    It’s long overdue for horse racing to pay the price for the carnage by shutting them down.

    • Gina, you were “in front” of this issue … before anyone, in my opinion. If each state’s residents would pull their head outta their a***s …. they would have a better situation for their future financial stability. The monies should be used to make those state’s residents lives more secure for the future. You know, people don’t like to think about it but, if they live to an advanced age .. there’s a high chance they will be infirmed and in need of care takers and other services. Don’t be short sighted people.

  3. 12/9/10 drf Marcus Hersh I urge you all to look up this old rag piece and give it a good read. Our old nemesis hayseed Dr Larry Bramblege, spouts his usual tone deaf bulls**t. It’s mind boggling how unaware these holes are. I had never seen this article before,came across it tonight by sheer coincidence. Read it, and hopefully you’ll share your thoughts. All I can say is … 12 yrs later, and different day,different decade and same bs. Vomit 🤢 inducing.

    • Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage is a die-hard horse abuser and belongs in prison for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY along with the rest of the die-hard horse abusers and killers nationwide as well as at Rood & Riddle in Kentucky. Losing the public funding to horseracing would most likely put a huge dent in their bottom line at Rood & Riddle. You know that none of them are going to let that happen without a screaming hissy fit and lots of lobbying.

  4. I see that everyday. But this is a huge expenditure in New York. I think it could be better spent on health care. Staffing and items better suited to keeping folks healthy. Lately all I hear when I broach this is where will the horses and jobs go? They will eventually if not continually bred trickle out. You seldom see a race horse around here that
    Lives a long life anyway. The big squawk is food shortages but the local chubby bunnies all find time to hit the racino.

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